Im Lost Without You

It was just another day, but it was diffrent. She was gone. I would never see her again in my life. And now I have no one. I just couldnt take it anymore, i had to go somewhere. I didnt want to stay here. It was time for me to run away and say goodbye to the past.

Read To find Out what Happens!!!!!!!


2. 1 month Later

It was a normal day. School was normal. still learning the same stupid stuff. It was algebra. We were learning the same thing for like a week and still nobody was understanding. The teacher wasn't very smart, I had no idea how he was an algebra teacher. I wasn't even listening to what he was blabbing about. I was just thinking, but I wasn't sure what I was thinking about. When it all came to me. She was gone and I couldn't do anything about it. Everyone said it wasn't my fault but I knew it was, she had to pick me up then I had to start talking then we crashed. I knew it was me. I took her life away. I started crying right there in class. My friend Katie was sitting next to me and saw a tear roll down my cheek. " What's wrong Bella" Katie asked still trying to pay attention to the teacher. She was a goody-goody and had to do good in everything. I started balling my eyes, then everybody started to look at me. "Are you okay Bella" Mr. Moyer, my teacher asked a bit concerned. I couldn't help but run out of the classroom. I didn't know where to go. I just wanted to run away and get out of there. but someone would see me. I decided to sit in the bathroom and cry. School was almost out, not much longer. I didn't want to go home. My step-dad lived there. He wasn't horrible, I just didn't want to see him, I didn't like him, I know he tried his best to get me to like him, but he wasn't like my normal dad. It just wasn't the same. He was nice to me most of the time, but I didn't like him. But my mom did.


The last bell for school rang, I had to go to my locker. I was hoping no one would see me so I could get out of that stupid school. But with my luck. My friend stopped me. " What happened in algebra?" Katie asked. "Nothing" I said. " Something happened Bell, no one just starts crying randomly and runs out of class, What is wrong?" she asked again. " I don't want to talk about it" I said "But Bell-!" "Just leave me alone" I said while slamming my locker and walking in the other direction. My house was close to the school, so I had to walk, which wasn't a huge problem. So I started to walk home.

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