Im Lost Without You

It was just another day, but it was diffrent. She was gone. I would never see her again in my life. And now I have no one. I just couldnt take it anymore, i had to go somewhere. I didnt want to stay here. It was time for me to run away and say goodbye to the past.

Read To find Out what Happens!!!!!!!


1. 1 month earlier

It was late. Around 10 o'clock, my mum just picked me up from my mates house Katie's house. She was tired, I could tell. I felt bad that she had to come get me. We were driving down a long street with not much cars on it. "Mum, are you okay? You havent said much" i asked a bit worried. "Yeah. Im Fi-----" Then everything went black.

I remember seeing my mum, helpless, covered in blood. And all I could do was sit there and stare at her. I couldnt help but start screeming for help and try to get myself out, but nothing worked. I was stuck and so was my mum. And now I dont know what i can do. All I thought about was never seeing her again. She was gone, and it was all my fault. I heard the sirens then saw the lights, then everything went blank again.

I woke up, and everything was going really fast, I think I was in an ambulance. My mom was next to me. there were so many people surrounding her, so I couldn't see her. all of a sudden I heard one of the workers. " I think we lost her". I couldn't help but cry. I started to scream but then I couldn't feel anything anymore so I past out. The was the worst moment of my life. I lost the most important person to me, and it was all my fault.

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