Saving Cin

It all started with 1 sentence, 2 parents, 3 (maybe 4 depending on how you look at it) words… Aislynn C. Haley Edwards thought she had finally escaped her demons, after finally changing her status from a social pariah to a (troubled) Miss Popular she's actually glad to say goodbye to the UK and hello to the USA. All she wanted was normality and she thought she would finally get it. But then she turns 16, she's changing, getting "abilities" that are not normal, they are out of the ordinary and she doesn't want them. Now boys have started to ask her out, but these are boys who have similar "abilities" like her. Her family are shocked that she has these gifts, only the males were supposed to get them. Everyone was happy, everyone except her. The only way she keeps her sanity is through the infuriating boy, Sam Brooks but he too is keeping a secret... Love, life, change sometimes you just have to go along with the flow...
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1. Prologue

Hey all! I'm Whirley and this is my first ever attempt at writing something, my first movella! This story will be pretty long and it will be an ongoing process. I'm not perfect and so my work will not be liked by all, I'll be amazed if anyone likes it to be honest. I get bored really easily so I decided I'd give writing a go! If you want to email me to tell me anything from constructive criticism to hate mail or dare I hope... fan mail :) my email's! I know that not everyone will be a fan of my writing but it's my story and I'm going to write one that's going to make me proud. I love to live life to the full and if you've got any suggestions on how to improve the story be my guest and message me with your suggestion. This series will be rather long and it won't be until a few chapters on until it gets really romantic. All my chapters will be really long and if you get bored I won't get offended :) I do hope some of you will enjoy reading it though! I'm quirky and weird and it will probably be applied to my story and if it doesn't seem realistic, in my opnion it doesn't need to be, it's a story and it's fictional and it's a story. No copyright infringement intended or however you spell it. Anyways its probably going to turn into a novel, rather than a movella but oh well. Gosh I babble so much, I'll let you read my story now. I've only gotten up to the first chapter by the way and its taken a day to write each chapter so it may take a long time for the complete story! Note to myself: I need to shut up!

Love y'all and peace! xox



My name is Aislynn C. Haley Edwards, but Cin (pronounced like Sin) suits me just fine. Do not ask me what the C stands for. If you think you have an embarrassing name think again.

 Anyways, what I have discovered is that most of the female protagonists in the books nowadays have somehow experienced some sort of change, whether by changing her looks, her personality, her friends, her lifestyle, her diet, her house, her location, well basically something changed. Then because of this big change in their life, something dramatic occurs like meeting a super-hot vampire who can’t read her mind, thirsts for her blood, marries her after a LOT of convincing from him, turns her into one, but not before she has a beautiful baby girl who’s half mortal half immortal. May I also add that whilst this is happening, a werewolf loves you her, kisses her, makes the girl choose between the love of her life and him. Only it turns out that he imprints on her daughter. But it’s all okay because she lives happily ever after. Yay. Just yay. I’m no exception. Just the changing part though, I wish I had a vampire or werewolf though, any would have done just fine. I wish my life was just like that, I wish my life was a story book.

     I wish my life was just that simple, to have it all planned out, to be able to tackle the obstacles of life with someone who loves you by your side. When he’s not there you’ve got another who backs you up, then in the end you have forever, an eternity with the one who loves you most. I wish that someone could write my life out, make it have a happy ending so I know what to expect, write down the person who will be perfect for me and the one I’ll be with forever and ever. Unfortunately, life does not work like that, no, it does not. Instead life is full of surprises, disappointment, heart break and loss and we just have to go follow the path that the fates decide to lead us. I’ve kinda accepted that fact, but to be honest, when you’re me, you have to. I guess it comes with the role of being a plain human being.

     I mean a human being who may happen to have some rather uncanny abilities. Abilities that may just enable me to see the future, read auras and emotions, heal people and have excellent skills of persuasion. Otherwise I’m just the girl next door, normal old me living the life of a normal 16 year old. I don’t use my supernatural abilities, I supress them as much as possible actually, much to my parents’ disdain. I hate not being able to be normal, as much as I may try to convince myself, as much as I say it, I am not normal, nor will I ever be. To say the least, my life sucks, and it sure doesn’t help that my life is surrounded by supernatural activity.

     I’m the youngest of 5, me being the only daughter of my parents, the other 4 (Josh, Arthur, Mattie and Logan) being much older brothers who I must say as annoying as they are, they are pretty protective. There’s an age difference between me and my brothers because I was an unexpected baby, and a special one at that. I don’t mean special as I have something wrong with me, I’m special because I am a girl. The first girl to be born within the many generations of my family, the first girl to have actually inherited abilities, the first one to have the abilities so dominant and so powerful. Ironically, I am also the first person who refuses to accept that I am not normal, the first who wants these powers were never here. So it’s not really much of a surprise that I don’t use them at all and I have to lock them deep within me so no one will notice that I’m not normal.

     It all changed when we had to move. It started everything that would lead me to someone who changed my life. Someone who was a boy, someone I hated, and someone I loathed with every cell in my body the exact moment I laid my eyes on him. An infuriating, annoying, irritating boy who was the complete opposite to me. Someone who accepted magic for he was one himself. The very person I hated that turned out to be the very same person I was destined for. How the fates are cruel, how life is so cruel, assigning me to love the very person that my very soul wants to see dead. That’s life for you I guess.

     Sometimes when you think life has given you a change for the better and you’re certain that you’ve “got it in the bag” it turns out you don’t. It just shows the consequences of going with the flow and trying to follow the path that the fates direct you towards. The initials of my name spells “ACHE” and that is the word to describe what one’s heart will feel when you don’t decide to do the things you want to do and just change your life. Fortunately for me I did, and this is my story.

And it all started with 1 sentence, 2 parents, 3 (maybe 4 depending on how you look at it) words…

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