Saving Cin

It all started with 1 sentence, 2 parents, 3 (maybe 4 depending on how you look at it) words… Aislynn C. Haley Edwards thought she had finally escaped her demons, after finally changing her status from a social pariah to a (troubled) Miss Popular she's actually glad to say goodbye to the UK and hello to the USA. All she wanted was normality and she thought she would finally get it. But then she turns 16, she's changing, getting "abilities" that are not normal, they are out of the ordinary and she doesn't want them. Now boys have started to ask her out, but these are boys who have similar "abilities" like her. Her family are shocked that she has these gifts, only the males were supposed to get them. Everyone was happy, everyone except her. The only way she keeps her sanity is through the infuriating boy, Sam Brooks but he too is keeping a secret... Love, life, change sometimes you just have to go along with the flow...
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2. Chapter 1 - Moving

It all started with 1 sentence, 2 parents, 3 (maybe 4 depending on how you look at it) words…

“We’re moving honey!” My mum and dad shouted simultaneously.

I stopped texting and dropped my phone down onto my queen sized bed. I was completely dumbfounded; I didn’t know how to react, it was such a surprise, such a shock. My mind was still unable processes the sentence, my thoughts were whirling around faster than the speed of light in my head. We were moving. Moving out of the place that I was born, the home that I had grown up in, leaving the places that had made up my childhood, leaving my school friends behind, the big town that I had spent my last 16 years in. Finally.

“What? Oh good gosh, say that again!” Wanting to hear those 3 words again, and again and again. Tears were streaming down my face, I just couldn’t help it. My eyes were brimming with tears, and as much as I willed them to, they simply would not stop from flowing.

“Honey we’re moving. I’m sorry if you’re upset but your dad was offered a job in America and it pays a lot of money. Not that we really need it but well, your dad thought it would be nice if we had a change in scenery. Honey, what do you think? We’ve already told your brothers and they’re coming too, they’re all for it! Honey please speak, we really do need to know what you think?” She sat down next to me on my bed, gently rubbing small circles down my back, dabbing at my eyes with a tissue. A concerned look passed over my father’s face when he saw my eyes were streaming with tears.

“Princess, please understand that this is the perfect opportunity to move. You can still contact your friends over here in England but people will start to question whether we really are human or not. Princess, please don’t cry. I know it’s on such a short notice and that we’ve only got three weeks until we leave, but it’s a bigger house and I know you can make friends quickly. I know you will.” He sat on my other side and enveloped me in his big hug, warm and protective.

I tried to speak but I was stuck in my parents embrace and my speech came out as a mumbled sound. “No, no, no. You got it all wrong; I’ve wanted to move for such a long time! It’s the best news I’ve heard in ages! I’m crying because I’m so happy!”

“Oh thank heavens! We were prolonging on telling you the news afraid that you would react badly, after all, you’ve just started to socialise more and gaining a new status. We’re going to let you take the first pick of the bedrooms when we get a new house for being such a good sport!” Mum was grinning from ear to ear, her eyes bright, full of joy and excitement, it was infectious and soon dad and I were smiling too. We must have made quite a picture.

“Darling, I thought we would let Ash pick her room first anyway, especially if she reacted badly to the news?” Dad innocently asked mum. “Ouch! What the hell was that for?” Mum had jokingly punched him on the arm.

“She wasn’t supposed to know that!” She chuckled rubbing his arm tenderly. “We’ve got it all planned Ash, it’s a small town but it’s got a big school which has a really good reputation. Specialises in all sorts of things, both academic and sport, kind of perfect for you! We’re going to start a new life and we may need to change your name, at least your nickname for the move. It’s going to be perfect baby.”

“How about we leave our daughter to it honey. Let her recollect her thoughts, post the news to all her friends that she’s leaving, start writing down a shopping list. You can start shopping now but please don’t overspend, just some of the essentials, you and your mum will do some more retail therapy when we get there. Not that I need to worry, I know you princess and I know you won’t overspend.” He winked at me, tossing me his credit card before shutting the door and leaving me to myself.

Moving. What had I done that deserved such a good consequence? I wasn’t complaining though,  I was finally able to leave this hell hole, leave my past behind. I didn’t do anything dirty or stupid, I wasn’t one of those mean, snobbish and popular girls. No as rich as I was, up until the age of 15 I was considered FAT. I was constantly being bullied about my weight, my clothes sizes. I’m classified as a petite, only 5 foot 2 inches in height at the age of 16, I was only 5 foot exactly when I was 15. My size would have been considered pretty cute if I had not been wearing 16 UK dress sizes. So I was an ugly, nerdy girl with no friends and no life.

Melissa Andrews and her two sidekicks, Carla Bennington and Louisa McAllen. These were the 3 people that made my life a living hell. I had known Carla and Louisa before secondary school and they were nice enough, both were best friends even then, being pretty and pink and already gossiping about the events of the school life. We had gotten along in those days; I sometimes played with them, though often it was more talking rather than playing. They would always be discussing about their next sleepover or the next boy they wanted to play kiss chase with. I was pretty chubby back then but it was only considered to be cute baby fat and no one really bullied me. Some teased me, but it wasn’t to do with my weight, it was just more to the fact that I was “cute” or that I was wearing pigtails every day, the typical school girl look. We were all friends back then, not necessarily the best of friends but I still had friends. But it all changed when I went to Snowdrop Heath School.

Snowdrop Heath, wasn’t any old school, it was a private school for the wealthy and the important people. Most here had an IQ over 135 which is pretty impressive considering the age range starts from 12. It was a private girls’ school with only 50 people in each year, it’s quite selective and to get it you would have needed to be very smart or very rich, two things that I was. Anyways, the lack of boys meant that there were less fights about boys during school hours and there was no need to show off to the boys until after school. However, it did mean that girls were left to direct their hate and energy to something else, and in my case, someone.

It all started on the first day of Snowdrop Heath and I was wearing my new uniform, ironed to a crisp, and worn according to the rules. Louisa and Carla were talking with someone I didn’t know but it was also a face I recognised as one of their new friends they added on Facebook. I went over to them to go and catch up, after all I hadn’t seen them all summer, whilst they went to hot sunny Spain, and I had gone to the Venice with my family. But as I came up, the girl who I remembered as Melissa stopped talking and her eyes looked me over.

“Well, well, well. Who’s this fatty? Lou, Carla do you know this elephant?”

I didn’t know how to react, what had I done wrong for her to call me such mean things? I wasn’t one to stick up for myself either and I hoped Louisa or Carla would help me out.

“She’s this girl from our old school. We sometimes played with her but it was only out of pity, wasn’t it Carla? We didn’t like her really; we just wanted to be nice.” Lou said with a sneer on her face.

“Yeah, she’s just some rich daddy’s girl. She doesn’t like sports and all she does is eat and study, she may be smart but she’s really fat. Her name’s Ashley or something, I really can’t remember.” I couldn’t believe it, I thought they were my friends, but no, they decided to deny my friendship with them and hang out with the popular crowd. All I could do was stay quiet and listen to what they were saying but I decided I didn’t want to hear any more so I kept my mouth shut and walked away.

“Oh poor old loner, I bet she has no friends. Carla, Lou, it was so nice of you guys to do that but now we’re BFFs aren’t we? Just leave that freak to eat her sorrows out. She doesn’t deserve you guys anymore! I know you can hear us fatty, just a tip but if you want to live longer, go on a diet.” Melissa shouted down the corridor. It was then and there that I decided that I hated that girl and walked down the corridor as fast as I could, trying to block out the sound of laughter and looks of pity from the other girls.

All I longed to be was to be normal, but ever since that day, Melissa, Carla and Louisa made it impossible to go through school in peace. It didn’t help that I ignored it, too embarrassed to tell anyone, too afraid to fight back. My brothers could have helped, but to be honest, I knew I had to deal with it myself. Apparently Melissa used to be the smartest in her old school, she used to be the total package, even though she was only 12, living in a world of businesses and reality makes you grow up. So to people she seemed to be the perfect package, popular, pretty, skinny, sporty, blonde, attractive and smart, something she was proud of. However, in Snowdrop Heath, she got placed down to number two concerning the academic aspect, and it didn’t go down well with her. Especially because, I always came out on top.

This fuelled her hatred for me even more, she spread rumours, horrible rumours that were not true and soon enough I became a social pariah, no one wanted to be friends with me. The only friend I had was anonymous strangers over the internet, going on random sites and chat rooms. Some turned out to be total perverts but there were some who became my friends, they were the ones that kept me sane.

It all changed when I turned. I had finally had enough with their jokes and so I started to go on a diet, as ironic as it sounds I took advice from the person who had tormented me for so many years.  I reduced my carb intake and soon enough, I lessened my intake of sweets and chocolate. I started snacking on vegetables instead of junk food and by the time summer came I had lost quite a lot of weight and was leaning towards a size 12.

Over the summer my 3 brothers had time off from Oxford University, they’re overprotective over me to say the least but I love them, as annoying as they are. Anyways they’re the sporty kind of people and I noticed Mattie, the youngest one taking runs early in the morning. I asked him if I could join in too and he said that he’d love the company. At first it was tiring but after a week, I got into the rhythm and just immersed myself in my thoughts whilst we ran through the neighbourhood, down to the stream inside the forest before heading back home. Mattie and I kept to quiet during our runs but I knew that he loved to run as much as I did, loving the feel of the cold morning air whipping against your skin, the exhilarating feeling that came with the adrenalin rush.

I did that during the whole of summer and it also gave me a way to bond with Mattie, as quiet as we were, we did talk once in a while and it was good to hear my brother’s voice. I also spent time with Josh and Arthur at night in the home gym. I’m an insomniac meaning I can live on as little as 4 hours sleep each night, and I usually spent my nights either doing homework or watching a movie and eating a snack, but my brothers convinced me to hang out with them, I didn’t even need to exercise just talk to them whilst watching a film of my choice on the big screen installed there. To be perfectly honest with you, I was so new to the fitness thing that I had no idea that we even had a home gym but apparently we did. I preferred my privacy but I did love my brothers so I came down with them usually picking an action movie as I knew they hated “chick-flicks” although on some nights I chose some romantic comedies just to annoy them. A few nights in with our sister and brothers bonding time, I got pretty bored and so started on the treadmill, it felt like running but it was less chilly and I could watch a movie too. I loved it. It soon became a routine, outdoor running in the mornings and indoor work outs at night.

To be honest, I didn’t really notice my weight loss because I had forgotten about it, just enjoying the times I had with my brothers. However at the end of summer when my mum and I were trying out my uniform, everything was too big for me. I was smiling and so was my mum because for the first time since I started Snowdrop Heath, I was happy with my body and my weight. As a cause for celebration, we went shopping and all on dad’s expense, he too was proud of his little girl.

All the clothes we got were now size 8s sometimes even 6s but it was the first time in years I could walk into a shop without being too embarrassed of my body. I didn’t really need much but mum was adamant that I got a whole new wardrobe; she finally had a daughter to shop with and she went slightly overboard. At the end of that certain trip we had spent just over £10,000 on my stuff. Dad was slightly shocked but he was also laughing at just how much my mum could spend in one day.

Then school started by last year before college or sixth form and I decided to make a mark, I was adamant that I would no longer be known as the loser. I got my revenge on Melissa but not in the way you would think, the revenge was pretty much accidental because I had no intention of giving her what she deserved, but that’s life for you, t’s always full of surprises.

My revenge was that I took over the top spot on everything, she used to be well known, liked by most of the teachers and most of the pupils in the school, coming first place in everything but academics. I set her place as second best, I became a likeable person and everyone started to prefer me because I treated them like human beings, I didn’t make them fear me in order to be popular, I just listened and turned myself to a bubbly, nice, person, breaking out my shell whilst still being the nerdy girl that I was. It wasn’t east at first but with a new nickname of “Ash”, a new behaviour and signing up to the athletics team that I accomplished my mission and Melissa no longer became the most popular girl in the school. I did. That was what my mother had meant about me taking the news of moving badly, it was only a few months that I had this status, that I was actually normal.

But the thing is, Melissa was still spreading rumours and although people no longer took them seriously, it still hurt, though my smile was a great mask hiding what I really felt underneath. The school was a constant reminder of the years I spent being tormented by Melissa, Carla and Louisa and I hated that feeling, I had conquered my demons but not the memories. I longed to move to a new place but I couldn’t tell my parents, I didn’t want to admit to them that I had been bullied, neither that the school was a reminder to how much of a coward and pushover I was.

It had been like that every single day and to hear those words come out of my parent’s mouth was heaven. Music to my ears, a light of hope shining through the darkness in my head. I was getting out of this place and soon. Melissa could have her status back, I was so happy to leave, leave the memories behind me and finally live a normal life.

It sounded like a dream come true, a normal life, a place where I could start over with my parents, my brothers, the people that I love. I was looking forward to the time where I would have friends, friends like the ones in movies, friends that I can relate to and talk to, unlike here. Moving seemed to be the perfect idea, and I was already dreaming of an ordinary, average, normal life. That was all I wanted normality and I finally had the chance to get it.

All I had to do was pack my bags and count the days until it was the time to get on that plane. A new start and fresh beginnings, a new me. I could not wait to bid farewell to England and say hello to America, my future. First of all, I had to do some shopping.


I'm sorry it's so long but I'm a big fan of long stories :)

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