Love Me

Claire is a huge fan of One Direction. When she get the chance to meet them, she unknowingly begins to fall for Niall. It was love at first sight for him. But will their love last?


7. At Niall's part 1

We walked up to the door hand in hand. It was nice. He seemed to like me... I just wasn't sure... 

"Hey Niall, do you mind if I use the bathroom?" I asked once we got upstairs. "Sure, at the end of the hall, strait ahead. I'll be in here when you're done." He pointed down the hall then to the second door on the left. I nodded and walked to the bathroom. 

Niall's POV

i walked into me room and saw exactly what I was expecting. Louis had rigged me room with recording cameras. I could see about six red lights staring at me. I walked got to closet one and picked it up, staring into the screen.  "Lou, the light turns red when it's recording." I smirked and turned off all the cameras. Then I strolled into my closet and changed into sweat pants. I left me shirt off. I wonder how Claire'll react to that...I thought. She probably won't even notice, I don't think she likes me that much anyway. I got me 'tar off of it's stand in the corner and began to play quietly, sitting on me bed. Then I changed from playing random cords and I turned into a song. Truly, Madly, Deeply. Then I heard her walking down the hall and went back to random cords like I hadn't been playing any thing else. 

"Were you playing some thing before? It sounded...familiar." Claire stopped talking as she stared at my chest.  I chuckled and continued to play. "Can you play it again?" She asked and blush. I switched back to the song. "Hey I know this one! Truly, Madly, Deeply, I am." She sang. I looked up. "You can sing!" I said. "Not really.." She trailed off. I smiled. I could tell she didn't want to continue the conversation. I wasn't finished though. I knew she could see it in my eyes.

I got up and put me 'tar back on its stand. When I looked over to Claire I saw she was pressed against the wall with her hands flat, palms on the wall. I walked slowly over to her. I pressed my hands on both of her head, splaying my fingers apart. I leaned close to her face. I could tell her breath caught.

Claire's POV

he was so close. He leaned towards my face and my breath caught. "What would you like to do Claire?" He asked me. I shakily inhaled. 

Niall's POV

i could tell she was nervous. Maybe I was trying to make her nervous. I wasn't sure. 

Claire's POV

he leaned in towards my face and close his eyes. I inhaled and closed my eyes... 

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