Love Me

Claire is a huge fan of One Direction. When she get the chance to meet them, she unknowingly begins to fall for Niall. It was love at first sight for him. But will their love last?


3. At Beca's

**after school**

As I drove from uni, I called Beca. 

Beca: hey gurlie! You're still coming over right?

Me: yeah I am, I was wondering if you wanted me to bring anything?

Beca: naw, we're good. 

Me: okay I'm pulling in. 

Beca: 'Kay, bye. 

I parked and walked to the door of Beca's flat. Before I could knock, she grabbed my wrist and yanked me inside. "You must really want my arm for some reason. You practically pulled it out of it's socket. I could be called 'The One-Armed Wonder!" I winced and rubbed my shoulder. "Sorry." She whispered and laughed faintly. She gestured to the stairs and i followed her up them. She had the entire top floor to herself and I envied her for it. "My mum's out and my dad fell asleep in the living room. He's drunk again." Beca told me quietly. I nodded and sat down beside her on her bed. We began to talk animatedly about how excited we were that One Direction was coming to our uni. After we ate and talked some more about random things. Before I knew it, I realized it was a little past eleven and told Beca I needed to get home. She offered for me to stay but I declined and told her tomorrow. Then I left. 

When I got back to my flat, I changed out of my clothes and got ready to go to sleep. Then I fell asleep. 

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