Innocent Prisoner

Jamie Bothwick is a fifteen year old boy accused of killing his ex girlfriend. Even his family don't believe he is innocent.


3. Traitor

Friday 20th August

The plan was successful until we got to Reece's house turns out he is a traitor. He told the police everything at the last moment and the police were standing at the door waiting for us. Dirty little traitor! Big Jake wants to kill me now because he says it was my fault for trusting Reece. I want to rip Reece's guts apart but then I remember that I've got to stop thinking like that because I'm thinking like a criminal. Maybe Reece was forced into giving up that information. I'm going to get more time added on to my sentence. It turns out that my fears came true. I've ended up worse but at least I got to see some of the outside world you forget what it looks like when you are in prison.

Saturday 21st August

I got five years added on to my sentence for assaulting a police officer. That's 20 years I have to spend in prison altogether. I knew escaping was a bad thing its left me with five extra years, prisoners wanting to kill me and one less friend.


Sunday 22nd August

I got a new cell mate today called Greg. He has a similar story to me. He has been wrongly accused. This was Greg's first day in prison he heard about my case apparently its all over the news and everyone was terrified when I escaped. I don't think he believed me at first when I said I was innocent but I think he believes me now. He's the first person I have been able to relate to since I have been in here. He was accused of beating his mother to death.

Monday 23rd August

Big Jake walked past my cell yesterday he came up to the bars

"YOU WAIT JAMIE, YOU WAIT. WATCH YOUR BACK BECAUSE THIS COULD BE YOUR LAST DAYS" shouted Jake. It was terrifying I'm very paranoid now.

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