Innocent Prisoner

Jamie Bothwick is a fifteen year old boy accused of killing his ex girlfriend. Even his family don't believe he is innocent.


2. The Plan

Friday 30th July

I lately have been thinking of what I was doing on the night that Emilie was murdered. I had been doing my friend Reece's work shift because I normally work Saturday and Sunday mornings and he does the night shift of cleaning up the public toilets. But because he was hoping to go out to a party that night. I said that I would just do both shifts but sign his name on the board so that our boss wouldn't get annoyed with him. I asked him to speak in court for me but he refused because he didn't want to get involved but he's really shy so I know that that is probably likely to be why he didn't want to say anything.  The next morning the Police arrested me on suspicion of murder. I asked to tell me what happened but they told me:                                      

"Son, I've heard it all before, you can't kid me, you should be ashamed of yourself think of that poor girl lying on the floor covered in blood" said the Policeman.

"Who is lying on a floor covered in blood?" I quickly replied.

"Give it a rest!" the Policeman said. I left it there because I knew that the Policeman wasn't going to give me any answers. It wasn't till I got to the station when everything was explained.

Monday 2nd August

Haven't been writing as much lately because the lads have a plan. They'd kill me if they knew I was writing this. They'd say that this might give away the entire mission. Load of nonsense! We are going to plan a breakout. Big Jake has got a mate who is a guard. He says his mate owes him so he's going to get him out. We haven't got the plan finalised yet but it's a bit of hope. I don't think it's wrong me escaping because I shouldn't be in here in the first place. It would be different if I had committed the crime. This my chance to live the life I should.

Thursday 5th August

It's going to happen on 16th August during the night because that is the point that the guards are most of guard. They are all tired and half asleep normally. Jake's helper is going to track down some prison officer clothing. Once we are out of the cell we will knock the nearest prison guards out and take their ID and belongings. Then make our way to the back gate. Climb over the fence using the prisons emergency ladders. Then hijack the food suppliers truck get him to drop us of at my friend Reece's house who will provide different clothing. From there we will get the train down to the borders of England where Mike's friend (another person in on the plan.) He has fake ID for us and we will board a plane to Mexico and live a happy life there. Jake's friend went to see my friend Reece during his break and Reece is fine with the plan so far. Many of Big Jake's friends have been visiting me lately and smuggling in things like money and basically stuff we need to live. It was decided that it would be my cell that would hold the stuff as it has the lowest security as this is my first time trying to break out. I don't know if I like the plan anymore because Big Jake is relaying a lot on me and I know if it was my fault that the plan was discovered then I would be dead meat. I also don't like that I have been told that I'm to take the blame if the plan is discovered because they say it's the only way they'll be able to trust me. It's unfair but I don't want to mess with Big Jake you might as well kill yourself if you mess with Big Jake because you know he'll end up killing you.


Sunday 8th August

The plan has been delayed. Jake's mate is being followed and Reece was questioned. But he didn't give the anything about the plan away. The new dates set for 18th August Big Jake says it's important to get it over and done with soon before they find out more about the plan. My cell was raided yesterday but Jake's Mate who I recently discovered is called Brian managed to raise the alarm in time. It was lucky thought. I thought it was all over when I heard footsteps. I'm getting more nervous about this plan. What if it all goes wrong and I end up worse off. I think Jake knows I'm getting cold feet he's threatening me more and more now.


Tuesday 17th August

All is set for tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the last night I will ever have to stay in here. It's strange how when I first heard of this plan I thought it was excellent and I couldn't wait until I got out, but here I am the night before wishing it was never happening. It's awful in here and I don't want my sentence to increase but I guess I am willing to gamble it for no sentence at all.

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