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Stefani (pronounced like Gwen Stefani's last name) and her grandfather con people because they cannot find jobs, what with being mutants and all, to show her grandmother (his ex-wife) that they could find money.


1. Chapter 1

      “Eww, Dave! You’re so disgusting!” Stacy shouted at him.

     Nobody understood mutants. Nor super-humans. Nor heroes or heroines.

    But what Dave was showing Stacy wasn’t disgusting at all, no.

    What Dave was showing Stacy was revolting.

     “I’m with Stace,” a fellow cheerleader, Gwen, said, twirling her hair. “Except that’s nasty enough to be called revolting. Like, what’s wrong with your skin?”

     As you may have guessed, Dave’s “trick” included skin. And lots of it. In fact, it included all of Dave’s skin.

     He was using one of his powers to peel off, and put back on, all of his skin. 

      One athletic girly-girl (she played all of the sports at the school. Volleyball, basketball, golf, you name it!), Stefani (pronounced like Gwen Stefani’s last name), blushed. Dave was her brother.  

    Catching sight of his fraternal twin sister, Dave smiled. Stefani just shook her head, as if she were disappointed. Still having her head hanging low, Stefani slowly walked away.

     Dave knew his sister was disappointed in him, so he decided he’d return his skin back to normal. And he did.

    “What’s wrong with you?”

    “What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you, Dave? Just...get away!”


    “Get away, Dave!”

    Gracie, a gymnast, went up to Stefani. “What’s up with your brother? You’re, like, so cool, and he’s like...not.”

Stefani shook her head as if to say, “I really don’t know,” but instead, Stefani answered, “I don’t know. Honestly, I think there’s something wrong with that boy.” And left with Gracie.


“Why me, Grandmother?” asked Dave, when he was finally at home with his grandmother. “Why does everybody always pick on me? Why can’t I have Stefani’s powers? Why can’t I be normal, Gramma?”

“One,” his grandmother answered, “I’m not sure. Kids these days...they’re just mean. And I guess that’s two, too. Three, Stefani took your father’s powers, and you took your mother’s. And four, you were born a mutant. I’m sorry, but there’s no possible way you could ever be normal. Again, I’m sorry.”

Just then, the door swung open.

 “Stefani? I thought you lived with your Grampa!” Dave and Stefani’s grandma exclaimed.

“Just thought that I’d pay my only immortal gramma a visit!”

“What does Grampa want this time? Tell ‘im I’ve no more money to spare!”

“Jeez, Gramma! I just wanna visit you and my little brother! Can’t I do that? Grampa’s not home, anyway.”

“Let me guess. He’s out drinking alcohol, getting drunk, waiting for you to tell him that you have a job so he could quit trying to get one? Honestly, Stefani, I don’t know why you would choose your grampa over me. You knew you’d have to support yourself. Your grampa isn’t that old, you know, to where he’s home every night, supporting his family. I told you that, even. Maybe not those exact words, but I told you. And, yet again, you failed to listen.”

Tears started trickling down Stefani’s face. That, she thought, was not at all why I chose to live with Grampa. She’s wrong. She’s just trying to get me to live with her. Possibly get me to actually like Dave. And I never will. He’s always been a spoiled freaking brat. Even when he’s a grown-up that’s how he’ll be. Who was born first? Me. Who gets to blow out the birthday cake candles first? The one who was born 10 minutes before her brother? No. Dave does. Not that it matters much to me, anyway, but still. How the heck is that right? Just because he’s the baby, doesn’t mean I want to be treated like one sometimes, too. I want to be pampered, like him. I want jewels falling from the sky just for me. I don’t want to have to be lonely all the dang time since my guardian is out getting drunk. She slammed the door on her way out. She figured that she would find a job, saying all of the money she had came from Grampa. But wouldn’t the job-givers find out she wasn’t human? They certainly wouldn’t give her the job. They’d probably give it to a hobo before they did her. She would find a way to make money...

Rob a bank, maybe? Break into somebody’s house, possibly? No. That would be wrong.

 Conning? Yes. It was perfect!

Stefani knew it wasn’t really stealing, because you’re basically having people hand their money straight over to you.

But how would she be able to con? By herself, that is. Wait a minute...

 Didn’t Grampa say something about him being a con-artist? Stefani wondered. When he was telling me the stories of his teenage years? That could be the perfect plan, me having Grampa teaching her. Being right by my side, even.

She went home.

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