Fucked up (1D)

The 17 year old Mary Jane Moore, lives a normal life - until on her 17th birthday, where her loving parents tragically dies in a car accident. The young man behind the opposing car survives - but he is no ordinary boy. What will happen when Mary Jane is forced to meet the "killer" of her parents? And what will happen to her after her parents death?


29. "You know?"

It was like in all of those creepy movies. As soon as the door was open, a lightning flashed, only lightning up her black silhouette, and a roar of thunder went through the room, making me cover my ears, just to relax a bit. The rain started pouring, and she stood there, as scary as a petite 18-year-old girl could be. I stepped back, and Harry started backing away towards me, never breaking eye-contact with her. Looked like he was scared she might jump him. He backed up, and I walked towards him, and put my hands around his waist from behind, him doing the same thing. She stepped into the room and unexpectedly closed the door instead of just going for the throat. She then walked to the couches in the middle of the room, and sat down, looking at us. If looks could kill, Harry and I'd both be stone-dead, and lying on the floor right now, never to open our eyes again. I was shaking, and I felt Harry caressing my back, trying to make me calm down.

"Sit." She said, gesturing towards the sofa in front of her. She smiled sadistically, as I Harry started walking towards it, dragging me along with him. I fought a little, but gave up as I realized he'd made his mind - we were going to talk to Kylie, whether I liked it or not.

"Kylie, am I right?" Harry asked, as he sat down, pulling me with him, and putting his arm around me. I tried to shrug it off, not wanting to upset Kylie more than I already had, but he held me tight, not letting me go.

"Don't pretend you don't know who I am." she spat. Harry went silent, and looked as though he was thinking of his next move.

"Why are you here?" I asked, talking to Kylie for the first time ever whilst she was furious. She laughed, and leaned over, resting her elbows on her knees, while she was watching me like I was dead meat.

"Why am I here? WHY AM I HERE?!" she yelled. I could almost picture both Harry and my hair flying back, like we got hit by a giant surge of wind.

"I call you, and YOU'RE DRUNK! Then I come home here to find you, lock myself inside, and you aren't there - you know what's there? Empty vodka-bottles, old joints, white powder everywhere, and you're razor, blood-dripping lying on the bathroom-floor. Then I sit down and watch you on TV, slapping Harry Styles, the boy I'd told you to STAY AWAY FROM in the face live at concert, in front of tens of thousand screaming girls and fans - when I call your cell, it's in your room, so I go to  find you at the arena, and you AREN'T THERE! Then I call here, and who picks up? HARRY FUCKING STYLES!" She screams, standing up, almost yelling directly in our faces.

"Do you even know what he's done?! Why I didn't want you to contact him, to search him, to even THINK about him?!" She yelled, piercing my eyes with hers. I kept listening, tears appearing at the crook of my eyes. I looked at Harry, and took his hand, intertwining my fingers with his.

"MARY JANE MOORE, HE KILLED YOUR PARENTS!" She yelled. I could feel my heart drop, as the truth was still hurting me inside. Tears started running down Harry's face, as Kylie kept going.

"Yes, that's what he's done - Harry Styles, member of big boyband got drunk one night, and killed your parents - he payed himself out of jailtime, and went to their funeral in total disrespect!" she kept going, as Harry broke down, more and more for each word. It hurt me inside to see him like that. 

"I understand if you hate him, if you want to throw him out... he's a total idiot. A murderous idiot." she said, sitting down in front of us, looking me in the eyes.

"I know." I whispered, holding in the tears. She looked at me with big eyes.

"What? What do you mean, with "I know"?" she asked.

"I know what he's done. I know to, all of it. And it doesn't change my opinion about him. I love Harry. Nothing can, and nothing ever will change that." I said, as I kissed Harry on the cheek, and then looked at Kylie's confused facial expression. 

"You know?" she whispered, her brows creasing in disbelief. I nodded, and kissed Harrys cheek again, trying to calm him. She then stood up, and walked angrily towards the door, stopping for a moment to turn around and look at us. 

"Kyle, wait?" I asked standing up. It was too late. She walked out the door, and I heard steps quickly running down the stairs, and the front door opening and slamming open. She was gone.



Just a quick message. Well, as quick as can be. Today, I released 3 chapters, because I'm going on a vacation for two weeks with absolutely NO internet unfortunately :( I won't be able to release any new chapters for a while - BUT! I will be bringing my computer with me, to write on a new story I'll be putting up soon, and to keep writing on this for you guys, so that I can upload three new chapters when I get home - I pwomise :3

On a much happier note, I am SO overwhelmed that so many people like my story, and want to read it - I love waking up to more favorites and likes, and it just makes my day. You guys mean so much to me, so thank you so much for caring about Jane and Harry, as much as I've developed to do. It makes me so happy, to see them come to life in my head, and that someone else can see them too, just makes my day. So thank you! Thank you for being there, through it all, reading, supporting, crying, laughing. Thank you for you'r "aaaw's" and your "booh's." You have no idea what it means to me, and what it would mean to Jane and Harry!

A massive thank you :)

Much Love

MoonlightShining xx'

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