Fucked up (1D)

The 17 year old Mary Jane Moore, lives a normal life - until on her 17th birthday, where her loving parents tragically dies in a car accident. The young man behind the opposing car survives - but he is no ordinary boy. What will happen when Mary Jane is forced to meet the "killer" of her parents? And what will happen to her after her parents death?


17. Thunder

I woke up, my breathing fast, and my head spinning from the nightmare. Restlessly, I looked around the room for Harry, making sure I wasn't dreaming, and making sure he was there, and not just a piece of my imagination. I finally found him, as I touched his curls, and slid my hands down his bare chest. He was real. Good. I took a deep breath, as I stood up, trying not to make too many sounds, too many movements. The rain were drumming on the roof, making me relax from the rhythmical motions I could feel in the floors as I walked out my room, into the living room.

The light from the streets were lighting up the room slightly, making it seem magical, sparkly. A loud crack echoed in my ears, as a flash of lighting brightened up the dark night-sky outside the big windows. Big Ben were standing tall, and majestically displayed the time of the night. 2 o'clock. I swallowed once, as I motioned towards the white leather couches, rediscovering old memories. 

"Mom, dad, I don't like this." I said, as I tried to climb farther back into the sofa, trying to disappear.

"Jane, thunder is not dangerous." My mother said, as she smiled reassuringly at me, trying to calm my little shaking body. 

"Mary, I was afraid of the thunder when I was 8 as well." My dad put an arm around her, while looking into the sky, watching the drops falling from the sky. 

"Janie, you have to look at the beauty of what you are afraid of. Close your eyes." he said, looking down at me.

"Just do it!" I closed my eyes, as I climbed more into the blanket than before. I was clinging to my mother, and she continuously patted me on the head.

"Hear that?" A roar went through the air, and a lightning lit up the sky, making me jump.

"Imagine, being on a savanna... It's raintime, and you can feel the cold rain on your skin after hours and hours of warmth... you have almost dried out, almost died of thirst, when suddenly, you hear that roar, and it will save your life... the rain splattering on your face, on your skin, coating every inch of your body, filling it up with new ideas, new thoughts. Now imagine walking in London. You're tired, it's dark, and all you want to do is escape from the world - you need an excuse to not go out, to stay in your cave and think... rain will provide you with that... and even though thunder can be terrifying, you have to connect the roar in your body to something good... to something beautiful." I took a deep breath, closing my eyes again, listening after the roar.

A loud sound filled my ears, as a flash of lightning shot across the sky, this time not making me jump, but relaxing my head, filling up my body with joy, and some form of adrenaline. It felt good. It felt clean, it felt like for that one moment of thunder, I was no longer thinking, just feeling my body.

"I can feel it now..." I whispered, as I opened my eyes to the reality. I was sitting in the exact same place as in my memory, with the exact same blanket, only, the tears were slowly dripping down my face, onto the flimsy night-gown I'd worn to bed with Harry last night. The memory of my fathers words were playing in my head, as I took a deep breath, and pulled my legs up underneath me, wrapping my arms around them, to keep from totally breaking down.

ROAR. I was relaxing for a moment. The feeling the pain again, and feeling how it affected me. I heard small steps behind me, and I looked around me, seeing a dark silhouette standing there, looking at me. I started hyperventilating, as my mind instinctly thought of the nightmare, making me scream.

"Shhhhhh..." he said, walking fastly towards me, wrapping his arms around me, sitting down.

"You weren't there when I woke up," he said, as he held me tight. I cried silently into his chest, grasping his hair with my hands, trying to find something to hold onto. His breathing got uneven, as he started to sob slightly as well. He sat up straight, and put his head back, resting on the back of the sofa, putting his feet up on the coffee-table in front of us. I put my head on his shoulder, putting my legs up on the couch, as he wrapped his arms around me. The tears were still streaming down my face, but I didn't mind, as the hole had disappeared the second Harry had put his arms around me. He kissed the top of my head, as he looked over at Big Ben, his hand in mine. Feeling his shoulders rising and falling, his breathing on the back of my hand as he wrapped his fingers in between mine and kissed it, made me drift off to sleep. When I woke up, we were lying against each-other spooning, the sunlight shining directly in our faces, making his skin glow. We'd stayed there all night, just like I wished I could, the day I went into my fathers office. And like that time with my parents, this was a good memory to relive. Only, it was a good memory, in a bad situation.

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