Fucked up (1D)

The 17 year old Mary Jane Moore, lives a normal life - until on her 17th birthday, where her loving parents tragically dies in a car accident. The young man behind the opposing car survives - but he is no ordinary boy. What will happen when Mary Jane is forced to meet the "killer" of her parents? And what will happen to her after her parents death?


32. Aunt Ella

"I'm back." said, walking inside the room, his eyes sparkling, and hair tasseled because of the blistering cold wind outside in the real world. He leaned in, kissing me on the mouth.

"What'd you need?" I asked, sitting up, looking at him.

"Clothes, deodorant, stuff like that." He said, smiling.

"You been out for a walk yet?" he asked.

"Not since you were here an hour ago, and that was only around the room." I said sarcastically.

"No, I mean around the hospital?" he put the clothes down on a chair, and sat down on the bed, looking worried at me. I shook my head, as I inched closer towards his face, and kissed him, lingering a bit longer than normal, making him more enthusiastic than ever before. I laughed as I pulled away, and he went with, not wanting to break our contact. He looked at me like he was disappointed, and stood up, reaching out a hand  for me to take.

"I don't want to." I said, not wanting to leave the safety of my single-room.

"Please? I want to see if your coordination is as good as the doctors declared before." He smiled, as I reached out and took his hand. He stood up, and carefully pulled me with him, as I stood up on both my feet, trying to balance. When I finally found what I was the most comfortable with, Harry put his arms around my waist, and I placed my arms around his neck. My thin hospital-gown were flimsy, and the paper was ripped several places from moments like this. He inched closer to m face, trying to be careful. I could sense it was driving him mad, not being able to throw me down on the bed, and crash his lips into mine.

"Don't move." he whispered. I started laughing, as I heard the exact same line in the first Twilight movie.

"What?" he asked, smiling crookedly.

"Repeating lines, are we?" I asked, as I laughed at him. He smiled at me, and inched closer again, our lips almost touching. I looked him in the eyes.

"Thank you for being here with me." I whispered, my lips briefly brushing his.

"Of course, love." He said, as he pressed his lips against mine, sending lightning through my body, almost killing my by his touch. I put my hands to his head, playing with his soft curly locks, trying not to get too into it, since my head wouldn't be able to handle the pressure of sex at the present moment. He pulled away, kissing me on the nose once, smiling.

"Let's go." He took my hand, and pushed a strand of hair behind my ear, guiding me slowly to the door, me gaining confidence as we went. I started walking a bit faster, then slowing the pace down, trying not to laugh out loud from the great feeling in my legs.

"This feels bloody brilliant!" I said, smiling at Harry. It was a week since I got brought into the hospital. Hadn't walked before yesterday, only taking two or three steps, then sitting down to relax. My concussion had gotten better, and the pain in my head had gotten bearable, even without pain-medicine. The pain in my chest had worsened a bit, because of Kylie. I hadn't tried calling her in days, and because I was here, I couldn't drink or smoke - or cut to relieve the pain - but when Harry was there, all of it seemed to go okay.

"Mary Jane Moore?" someone behind us asked. We slowly turned around, and a doctor in a white "suit." smiled at us.

"I see you're walking again! Good job!" he patted my arm, and smiled at Harry.

"Well, good news, we're giving you some medication to take home with you tomorrow, where we're sending you back to your apartment. If any nausea or uncomfortableness shows, you will have to come back, but other than that, your papers says your fine." He looked down at a notepad filled with scribbled writing.

"You're good to go!" he said, smiling at us. Harry squeezed my hand, and grinned. Then suddenly, a crew of people broke through the door, all surrounding a stretcher. We rushed to the side, as the people kept coming. When the most people were through the door and down the hall, a woman came running afterwards bawling her eyes out. I knew that woman. It was aunt Ella. 




I'm not back from holiday yet, but my super high-tech grandma came down to our house, with her wi-fi box - she's only here for teo days, so I released the three chapters I could've whilst she was here, all at once :) Hope you enjoy, be back on sunday :)



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