Insanity Or Reality?

This is about a boy who has schizophrenia and he is growing up. But his ability to see something else may be a gift...


2. The Big Day

Property of Eric

4th October 1999     10:30 am

In the morning I was really refreshed although right now I am fretting quiet frantically. Oh yes by the way my name is Eric. At about 9:00 am this morning I heard a knock on the door; it was my Mum. She strolled in ever so graciously to wish me Happy Birthday and then asked “Did you have a good night sleep?” I went ghostly pale and my eyes widened although I had no idea what she was talking about. This feeling of uneasiness puzzled me and so I said “I don’t know what you are talking about Mum. Why do you ask mother?” Her gentle smile calmed me down yet this uneasiness remained. “Nothing, it’s ok”

“SURPRISE” everyone shouted as I walked into the reception. I was greeted by many people and I mean a lot of people. About 500 as our family is one of the posh and rich families. I felt so happy and warmth flooded the inside of my body. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw an unidentifiable object moving so fast it was literally a blur. As everyone talk and drank champagne I made my walk to the place I last saw this mysterious phenomenon and although I was confident I had seen something there the place was empty. It was almost barren as most of the people were gathered in the centre admiring a talent show.

There I saw it again and again. It moved around me in rough circles as if it were trying to knock me out. It tormented me and teased me and played with me just like a cat does with a mouse. Was I going to die on my birthday? I felt frightened and scared and weak as my predator circled me viciously. Then it stopped; he stood in front of me…

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