Manipulating Minds

Eve, a kind-of-weird teenage girl with mood-swings and a courageous streak with nothing in her life to be courageous about except the mean old maths teacher, manages to accidentally fall into an entirely different world. This new world has magic and elves and leprechauns and faeries and more importantly, no way for her to get home.
The Otherworld has been overtaken by a witch whom has powers no other can even dream about.
What's this got to do with Eve? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Except that Eve has a courageous streak and now there's something to be courageous about. All she has to do is gather the elemental mages, but there's only one problem; no one has seen or heard from any of the elemental mages since before the witch took over.


1. In Which the Heroine Rescues a Damsel in Distress

Eve was completely and utterly bored. She was in the middle of a maths class and most definitely confused. Quadratic equations were not her cup of tea and were only made more difficult because they had a pathetic excuse for a teacher. Sighing, she gently lowered her head to her desk, lifted it up again slightly, and then slammed it as hard as she could.

“Miss Smith! What on earth do you think you are doing?”


Lifting up her head, Eve looked to find an ugly and ancient evil being with a thickly hairy upper lip, like a dinosaur with a moustache. Although, she supposed that a dinosaur with a moustache would be much more awesome than what she was currently looking at. This ancient evil being was also and more commonly known as Ms Rowin. Ms Rowin was wearing a brown skirt that went past her knees to the middle of her calves, brown shoes, a grey blouse and brown neck tie. Eve was not fashion expert, but even she knew never to wear something that criminally awful. It was absolutely disgusting. Not only was Ms Rowin an evil being, she was also a maths teacher who hated all of her students, which in Eve’s opinion, made her at least a thousand times worse. Eve decided that she would rather be taught by a dinosaur with a moustache and maybe even a monocle. The problem with Ms Rowin wasn’t that she was evil or that she was a bad teacher. The problem was that she was a bully and Eve hated bullies.


“I am trying to forget my three times tables, Ma’am.”

Maybe, that was the reason she misbehaved in so many of her maths lessons.

“And why, pray tell, would you want to do such an idiotic thing?”

“I want to make room for all of these quadratic equations, Ma’am.”

Maybe it was just that it was fun to rile her up, then act like a perfect little angel in front of the rest of her teachers and make her look like a liar.

The rest of the class laughed at her remark.

“QUIET, CLASS!” Ms Rowin shrieked at them, and then turned back to Eve. “How many times must I tell you, Miss Smith? You can not learn anything by forgetting something else!”

Ms Rowin turned back to the electric whiteboard with the intent of continuing her lesson and Eve was sure that she heard a groan of complaint from every single person in the class.


Eve did not want to hear it. She did not want to sit through another lesson of listening to an unqualified fool waffle on about things that did not make sense and then shout at the people who asked questions about the material or who wanted her to explain again. This time, it did not matter who was picked on, whether it was Lucas, Tiffany, Sonny or even the annoying kid Jack who nobody really liked that sat by himself. Eve was not going to take it anymore. No longer was she prepared to sit and listen to the verbal abuse spouted out of Ms Rowin’s mouth at least once every lesson.


“Now, let us see,” Ms Rowin smiled cruelly, like a crocodile about to crunch down on a delicious dinner. “Miss Light. Tell me the answer to question five, the last one down.” Cassandra Light was Ms Rowin’s favourite victim, because she had social anxiety disorder and didn’t do well speaking in one-on-one conversations, let alone speaking in front of an entire class. This just made it more enjoyable for Ms Rowin. The teacher was definitely not helping Cassandra’s condition and Eve had a theory that it was in fact her that caused the social anxiety disorder on purpose just to have somebody already nervous and scared to pick on.

Cassandra’s face flushed and she lowered her gaze to her desk.

“I-I do not kn-know, Ma’am.” She whispered, mortified.

“You are telling me, Miss Light, that when I explained it thoroughly to the entire class, you did not pay attention and did not know how to do it?”

“N-no, Ma’am.”

“Then, Miss Light, are you saying that you payed attention, but could not grasp the simple concept of it?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Then what, Miss Light, are you telling me, exactly?”

“I-I just have not g-got t-to that one, y-yet.”

“So, you are incapable of performing a simple task within the time set for you at a sufficient pace?”

Cassandra was shaking, as tears built up in her eyes. This happened at least once a week and Eve knew without even asking that Cassandra had not told her parents or her therapist about it. Her teacher implying that she was too stupid for the work made her even less confident and even more likely to get answers wrong or take a longer time over each answer to ensure she got it correct.


Eve decided that it was about time to epically conquer the beast. After all, there was a damsel in distress right in front of her eyes. She definitely could not ignore that, now, could she? Who said that knights in shining armour had to be men who married the girls they rescued as a reward? She did not need a reward, anyway. She was not seeking a reward for this. Eve just wanted the beast to be slain and had decided to volunteer for the job.


“It worked, Ma’am.” Eve commented.

A shocked silence swept over the classroom. Nobody, before, had dared interrupt her corrupt system of bullying for fear that it would be turned on them, now the only one in class who had ever talked at all and just doodled all lesson was pushing the boundaries. The class may have thought she was testing the dangerous waters, but she was not. They could not be further from the truth. She wanted Ms Rowin to snap. She wanted water to come flowing at her from all directions and sharks to swim forward trying to take a bite out of her. She wanted to be able to tell the head teacher that this hairy-lipped lizard wasn’t fit for teaching and have the head agree with her instead of dismissing her criticisms as silly complaints of an immature schoolgirl.

After all, what sort of teacher lets their students drown and get eaten by sharks?


“What worked, Miss Smith?”  Eve could see Ms Rowin’s eyes twitching and burning with rage at how Eve had interrupted her.

“I can do quadratic equations now I have gotten rid of the three times tables.”

“Do not be silly, girl! You cannot do such a ridiculous thing! You, Miss Smith, are too much of an idiot that does not take anything seriously enough to know your multiplications in the first place, let alone know anything as complex as quadratics!” Ms Rowin scoffed at her and Eve scowled darkly.

Just a minute ago, she had been telling Cassandra that quadratics were easy. She was sure that the teacher did not even notice her self-contradiction in a bid to make every single one of her students feel small. Eve would not fall for it, though. She felt bigger than she had before in her life.

“I will prove it.”

“You say that as though you could.”
“I will tell you the answer to question five.”

Ms Rowin gave a loud, mocking laugh. “Fine, then. Try it.”

It was as though she thought somebody would challenge her without knowing the answer.

“The answer is 17.”

Ms Rowin turned to the board and read through question five. Taking at least ten minutes working out the answer, then she stalked furiously up to the very front of Eve’s desk. “How dare you cheat? You little idiot! Do you really expect me to believe that you worked that out on your own?”

“Did you ever think, Ma’am, that maybe it is not your students that are the idiots. Maybe it is you and maybe you cannot teach. Perhaps that is why all of this class is getting way below what they could.”

“How DARE y-“

 “Come to think of it,” Eve interrupted as though Ms Rowin had not spoken at all “last year we did just fine on our coursework. I think we were mostly working at As and Bs and in our tests we got mostly Bs and Cs. But this year, as a class we’re only averaging on an F, I believe. You know, we didn’t have you last year. I want my old teacher back.”


Yes, being attacked by sharks was now a very probably ending to this display of courageousness. Eve kept a brave face, though. She would not let herself or anybody else be intimidated by her. Not now that she was winning. She already knew how this would end, after all. Hopefully.


The last part was an unexpected bonus for Eve, so it came as a pleasant surprise. She smiled coldly at the teacher. “Gladly, if it means never having to see your facial hair ever again.”

Ms Rowin pulled herself up to her full height, which wasn’t that much taller than Eve was.

“I want you out. I will not hear another word against my teaching ability.”

“She is right though.” A voice came from the back of the room and everybody turned to see Cassandra slap her hand over her mouth as though she had just uttered the most horrifying and disgusting swear known to humankind.

“Yeah!” Lucas decided to join in “You cannot teach! You have been trying half a year, now and you still have not managed to teach us anything!”

“How did I not notice before?” Tiffany cried “I have been doing worse in this lesson and my parents think I just have not been paying attention, but after a while I got so confused that I did stop paying attention and now I know it is all your fault, but if I go home and tell my parents that they will think I am trying to just pass it off onto you and now I don’t know what I will do!”

Trust Tiffany not to notice that she was being taught wrongly. She was nice, although a bit of an airhead.

Chaos erupted. Eve was going to slip quietly out of the room and down to the head teacher’s office, but she was enjoying the show way too much to miss any of it. It was good to finally see her classmates united in fighting against the evil monster.

“WHAT IS GOING ON IN THERE!?” Another teacher ripped open the door in anger and saw that all of the students were out of their seats, screaming and shouting about Ms Rowin, but the words were impossible to make out. Then it all stopped. This teacher was the head of the maths department. “MS ROWIN, IF YOU CAN NOT EVEN CONTROL YOUR STUDENTS HOW DID YOU EVER CONVINCE THE HEAD TEACHER THAT YOU WERE FIT TO TEACH THEM?”

It seemed the head of the maths department also was not a fan of Ms Rowin. Eve walked past him and to the door. “Just where do you think you are going, young lady?”

“Oh,” Eve looked over her shoulder innocently “Ms Rowin informed me that I was not clever enough for this class and I was never to set foot in her classroom again.”

“That is what she said, huh, word for word?”

“Only in so many words.” Eve sighed out, sadly, looking upset. She was not much of an actor, but this teacher had always been especially easy to fool. All she had to do was look a little downcast and he would be ready to defend his upset student and deal with whoever had made them upset in the first place. It was too bad that she could never remember his name, she liked this teacher. At least his moustache was cool, unlike Ms Rowin.

“Do not worry about her anymore” He ruffled her hair in a fatherly manner “I will deal with it.”

She beamed. This was turning out much better than she could possibly have hoped it would.

“Thank you so much, Sir.” She replied, gratefully and truthfully.

“No problem and how many times do I have to tell you, call me by my name; Steve or Mr Groglands if you don’t want to use first name basis.” He chuckled at her use of the word Sir.

How could she ever have forgotten his name? It was amazing! Steve Groglands was a brilliant name and so impossible to forget it left Eve wondering how she could have ever actually forgotten it.

Steve Groglands led Ms Rowin out of the classroom and there was a stunned silence until everyone started talking at once. Eve didn’t know the protocol for a situation like this. She was usually the one being gossiped about rather than being included in the circles of girls gossiping.

Cassandra walked up to Eve and took her hand in both of hers.

“Thank you so much, Evangeline. I do not have a clue what I wold have done if that continued.”

Eve gaped at the confidence in Cassandra’s voice and couldn’t think of anything to say other than “call me Eve. I do not like Evangeline.”

However, she was not counting on the whole class listening.

“How can you not like Evangeline? It is such a pretty name!” Tiffany cooed.

“I agree” said Lucas and sent a flirtatious smile her way, though he was kind of cute, she knew he didn’t mean it – he was the guy in school who flirted with anything that could hear him and Eve just decided to take it in her stride … and ignore him.

She shifted uncomfortably. “Look, I just like Eve better, okay?”

“I will call you Angel.” Cassandra announced.

“What? Why?” Eve asked, puzzled.

“Because today you were my guardian angel and you saved me. Nobody has done anything like that for me before.”

“It is true.” Tiffany squealed “You were so brave and it was like you just dropped down from heaven just to save this class from her.

Sonny spoke for the first time “It was amazing. I think Angel suits you.”

Eve didn’t know what to think she had never been deemed something so…girly in her entire life! Then, for some reason, she found herself blinking rapidly and trying to hold back tears. They – her classmates – thought of her as an angel. It was a complete shock to her. She thought of herself more of a demon of chaos rather than something as pure and innocent as an angel.


Blood rushed to her cheeks. This was not the kind of nick name that she was about to accept. She was not an angel by any means. “I-I’m-“Eve attempted to protest, but words failed her as her classmates beamed at her reverently.  This was bad. The very last thing that she wanted was some kind of stupid hero worship from others just for standing up to Ms Rowin. Looking at Cassandra and seeing the apparent hope shining in her eyes at the thought of being freed from the bullying maths teacher once and for all, Eve thought that it was still better than some other paths she could have gone down to attempt to protest against Ms Rowin. She had not yet decided what the worst was but among them was setting the school on fire and hoping things panned out from there.


Steve Groglands entered the class room once again.

“Eve, would you please come with me? The head teacher would like to talk to you in private about the situation with your maths teacher. Personally, I, myself, would like to see her fired from this school and never teach again! How dare she insult one of our best students and think that she can get away with it?” He cried out dramatically loud.

Eve was about to snort out loud but refrained and held it in, hoping it wouldn’t escape any time soon. She was far off being one of the best students in school. She might even go as far to say that she was one of the worst.

“Ok, Sir. I will just get my exercise book and my pens and pencils…oh; I suppose I should take my text book too. You know what; I will just take my entire bag so I know I will definitely not have left anything behind that I really need.”

“Good idea, Eve!” Cassandra chirped at her with a hero – worshipping expression on her face.

Eve sped up the process of packing her books and other equipment into her school bag, hoping to get away from the praise very soon. She wasn’t used to the attention and decided almost straight away that she didn’t enjoy it either. Rushing to the exit, she pulled the door open and ran out, towards the head teacher’s office on the other side of the school building.

“Do not wait up!” She yelled back, waving her arm to say good bye to the rest of them.

“Hang on! Wait for me! I am meant to be escorting you there!” Steve Groglands panicked and raced forwards, attempting to keep up with her. However, as she was a young and athletic girl of sixteen and he was a middle aged maths teacher, she was much faster than him and he almost tripped several times in his attempts to keep up with her.


Soon enough, Eve arrived at the head teacher’s office on the other side of the school and knocked on the intimidating, large, wooden door several times in rapid succession with each other.

After waiting a couple of minutes, she heard the head teacher’s voice float, muffled yet sharp and brisk as it always had been and probably always will be, through the thick wooden door.

“Come in, Eve.”

She had always found it creepy how her head teacher had always been able to do that – to know who was knocking at the door and why.

Eve placed her hand on the heavy bronze door handle and twisted. The handle was stiff, as though it had not been used in hundreds of years but Eve knew better as she had been in that particular room behind the door only just yesterday, for an entirely different reason than for the one she was currently there for. Twisting the door handle she slowly pushed open the heavy door and stepped forward into the large, yet still somehow darkened room.

The head teacher, Mrs Apples, was sat behind a large mahogany desk on a comfortable looking chair that span around and had wheels on the bottom of it. Eve had always been envious of the teachers for having such awesome chairs, while students were stuck with hard plastic chairs with uncomfortable rigid backs to them and worst of all – they didn’t have wheels! In front of Mrs Apple’s large mahogany desk was Ms Rowin, who seemed to be attempting to appear as though she did nothing wrong while knowing she was guilty and also knowing that everyone else in the room knew it too. Walking towards the two teachers as calmly as she could, Eve couldn’t help but let out a small smirk – nothing too noticeable, but it was still there – at the scared look on Ms Rowin’s face, from what she could see that was not covered by strange and most likely unsanitary female facial hair, anyway.

Mrs Apples attempted to smile at her, as though to try and make her feel more welcome and comfortable. It did not work. It didn’t work at all. It made Eve wonder if it was supposed to be a smile of comfort or a sadistic smile of ‘you have detention.’ If anything, it just made Eve even more uncomfortable because Mrs Apples smiling was definitely not something anyone saw on a daily basis. It was completely out of the ordinary and it would have probably been a more comfortable atmosphere in the head teacher’s office if somebody had been shot in the head.

Eve smiled at the head teacher nervously, deciding to completely ignore her maths teacher for the time being.

“Hello, Mrs Apple, what did you need me for?”

She knew perfectly well what Mrs Apple wanted her in her office for. She wanted her in the office to interrogate her about her maths teacher’s treatment towards her. Hopefully. Eve hoped that was the case and that the head teacher hadn’t been persuaded that Eve was just spreading nasty rumours during the time she was alone in her office with Ms Rowin, however by the looks on both of their faces Eve would have to take a guess that that definitely was not the case at all. Mrs Apple looked extremely let down and disappointed and Ms Rowin had begun to look like a child that had been caught with their hand in the cookie jar and were about to be told off by a very strict parent.

Steve Groglands finally caught up with her. She smiled mischievously at the head of the maths department. “It took you long enough, Mr Groglands. We were about to evolve and everything over here!”

He grinned down at her and laughed jollily at her jibe as he once again ruffled her hair in a fatherly manner. Ms Rowin hissed “Miss Smith! Do not speak to a teacher in such a way! You should show Mr Groglands some respect! You are such a disobedient, insolent child! Why will you not behave for even a fraction of a second? I should put you in a lifelong detention you nasty little-”

“Thank you, Ms Rowin, but I will deal with the discipline around here.” Mrs Apples cut in sharply, interrupting what Eve thought would be a very long and boring speech about how she, herself, was an idiotic, nasty little child who knew absolutely nothing and deserved to be punished for it because it was entirely her own fault. It definitely was not because she had an incompetent teacher or anything! Eve may usually have been a quiet person out loud, but she could be very sarcastic in her own thoughts when she wanted to be. Is she voiced her thoughts out loud, though, she’d probably get more attention from her classmates, be it for a good or bad reason, she did not know yet. She thought that pretty much all attention was bad attention, anyway, so it was better not to mention pretty much any of her thoughts out loud.


“Miss Smith,” the head teacher turned her attention to the only student in the room. “Will you please tell us exactly what occurred in the class room today during your lesson and why you reacted the way you did?”

Eve shifted uncomfortably.

“Do I absolutely, positively, have to go first?” She asked.

“Miss Smith, I am afraid that you will be the only one who is telling a story in this office today. Ms Rowin has already explained to me her version of events and so has Mr Groglands. Now, I just need your story to come to a clear conclusion and judgement and act on it accordingly.”

All three teachers in the office were staring at her. Two of them staring at her with curiosity and one with absolute loathing. A loathing so absolute that if one of the other teachers – either Mr Groglands, the head of the maths department or Mrs Apple, the head teacher of the school – they would insist that she be fired on the spot and possibly be arrested for endangering a teenager’s mental and emotional safety.

Eve moved her weight from her left foot onto her right and bit her lip hesitantly.

“Um… I - I – well –“

She had never been good at public speaking. Standing up to Ms Rowin had been achieved on almost completely pure adrenaline. Now that the adrenaline was wearing off, she had once again gained her fear of speaking in front of people. It didn’t matter how few people there were – she wasn’t good at speaking to people one – on – one, let alone to three people at once.


After a couple of minutes of stuttering and stumbling over words while the three of them stared at her like fools, Mrs Apple finally seemed to take pity on her.

“How about if you write it down instead?” She asked, making an obvious attempt to be kind so as to calm down Eve who was half way to a panic attack in the middle of Mrs Apple’s own office.

Eve nodded and her face flushed with embarrassment. Why did she have to stand up to Ms Rowin? Why couldn’t she have just kept her stupid mouth shut? If she had, she would not have had to have endured the painfully awkward and embarrassing moments that had just passed. All of her teachers knew she hated speaking in front of people, so why did they attempt to make her do it? She knew her English language teacher hated her because she refused point blank to get up in front of the entire class of around thirty students and waffle on about some lunatic who wrote a poem or whatever nonsense they were teaching at that point in time.

Mrs Apple gave her a sheet of paper and gestured to the chair next to Ms Rowin’s. Eve hesitated and obviously Mrs Apple noticed it. Figuring out that the problem was obviously being in close range of Ms Rowin, Mrs Apple had a sudden change of mind.

“You know what, Eve? Here,” she handed Eve a thick note – book with a sky blue moleskine cover and two pens, a red pen and a blue pen. “Take this home and write down everything that happened today. I want you to come to school tomorrow and show it to me. Then, I will give it back to you and you should write down your feelings and thoughts every day. After tomorrow, though, there is no need to share any of it. You are in obvious need of a way to let out your feelings. It is not healthy for you to bottle them all up inside of you like you are currently doing.”

She didn’t say it, but she obviously thought that Eve bottling up her feelings is what caused her to explode at Ms Rowin in her maths class earlier that day.

Raising her eyebrow, Mrs Apple said “Well, what are you waiting for? Go home.”

Eve blinked, dumbfounded.

“Wait. What? Now?” she questioned.

“Yes, now. Is there some other time you wish to do it?”

“It’s the middle of the school day!” Eve cried. She was correct. Maths was the lesson that she had right before lunch. The bell rang and Eve’s stomach grumbled with hunger. Maybe it was angry at her for not getting to the cafeteria promptly, as soon as the bell went, as she usually did.

“Miss Smith, I give you permission to have the rest of the school day off, as obviously you had a stressful day and seem very worn out, as long as you report to your first lesson tomorrow on time and ready to take an active part in your learning and you come to see me at morning break to give me the notebook and come back once again at lunch break to take the notebook back from me.” Mrs Apple announced, making everything she said sound official.

“Okay.” Eve agreed quietly.

“It’s true,” Mr Groglands agreed “You do look quite tired, Eve. You should definitely take the rest of the day to go home and rest for a while. Take a nap or something. The school will phone your parents and explain why you are home so early.”


She smiled at him gratefully and walked out of the door, clutching the sky blue moleskine note book and the red and blue pens that the head teacher had gifted her with. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t slightly suspicious. Weren’t moleskine notebooks meant to be extremely expensive? Did the head teacher just hand them out to any old student she believed had problems with their heads or their lives? Running her hand over the spine of the note book she thought to herself that it was lovely and a nice gift, but why would the head teacher gift her of all people with it? Shrugging her shoulders, Eve brushed it off for a while and as she opened the front door to her house made the decision to not question any more about it until after she’d written in it and wait until tomorrow to question the head teacher directly. Well, she would if her fear of speaking to people didn’t interfere. Maybe she should just start attempting to do everything on an adrenaline rush. Her classmates would probably love that, seeing as how they enjoyed the show in maths class today so much.

Opening her front door, she heard her Border collie dog, Elvis, barking at the noise.

“Hush, boy, it’s just me.” She made a shushing motion, holding her finger to her lips and Elvis quietened down, recognising her. As Eve dumped her school bag in the hall and walked up the stairs to her room, Elvis padded after her, probably hoping for some treats or a bit of fuss from her.


Sitting at the computer desk in her bedroom with Elvis resting his head on her lap, drooling, Eve opened the notebook and uncapped the red pen lid. Setting the pen nib against the smooth white paper, she paused, thinking of what to write. A mischievous smile once again flitted across her face that day, as she thought of what Mrs Apple had said. ‘Write everything that happened today’. Everything, huh? Eve thought to herself as she began to scribble away quickly putting her words down onto the page before she forgot anything. Mrs Apple sure was in for a ‘treat’ reading this.


So, Mrs Apple, you wish to know everything that happened today? Wish granted. But as they always say, be careful what you wish for.

Today started off like every other Thursday morning, because all good stories start with the main character acting as they always do until some kind of dramatic fate is thrust upon them. I woke up, switched my alarm clock off by accident and went back to sleep again. This caused me to be late for school, once again. Because I was already late, I saw no point in rushing, whatsoever. So at my usual, groggy, morning, pace I rolled out of bed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, took a ten minute shower, went to the bathroom (and I’m not telling you what I did in there no matter how much you wish me to), made my lunch for today and took out yesterday’s timetable’s text books and replaced them with today’s timetable’s text books. I got dressed in what I’m wearing right at this very minute – my school uniform.

After grabbing my school bag, I walked at a comfortable pace all the way to school then had to sign in at the office for being late. You’d think that they’d have learnt by now that I’m always late on Thursdays. Do they all have short term memory loss or something like it? I believe that they do and it’s the responsibility of the school to have them tested. Once that was over with, I went to my first lesson, which was English Language and the teacher attempted to get me to stand up and speak with the entire of the class watching me. I don’t think so! I refused to do it, so she sent me out of the classroom and told me that I wasn’t to attend her class until I could handle talking in front of people. She essentially kicked me out, so I went to the library to catch up on my homework and managed to get all of it done, because I had the better part of the hour and a free study period after that and break time was just after that. After break was art class and the teacher let us have a free lesson which basically translates into ‘do whatever the hell you want as long as it’s to do with the subject I teach’, so I just worked on a drawing I’m in the middle of for the entire time. My next lesson was maths which I suppose you want to hear about the most. I have no clue why, though. Maths is boring and it’s even worse when something resembling a dinosaur with a moustache is teaching you. Earlier today (during the maths lesson, in fact) I concluded that I would rather have an actual dinosaur with a moustache teaching me as it would be much more awesome and probably know more about maths too.

I was in maths and hit my head on the table. Ms Rowin asked what I was doing. I told her that I was trying to forget my three times tables so I could learn the quadratic equations she was supposed to be teaching us. She thought I was being stupid! I don’t know why she didn’t believe me. Everyone knows that if you forget one thing you can remember another! She has to be the only person in the universe who doesn’t understand that! Then she started doing her usual routine of bullying Cassandra Light. I’d decided that I’d had enough of her being awful to her students and ranted at her because she’s a terrible teacher. The rest of the class agreed with me.

That’s about when Mr Groglands burst into the room saying that her class was too noisy and she wasn’t fit to be a teacher if she couldn’t even quieten down a classroom of only about fifteen students. Then he took her to your office, Mrs Apple, and came back a little bit later to take me to your office too. You know what happened from there onwards, of course.

Oh yeah, one more thing, if you do decide to fire Ms Rowin, please look into hiring a dinosaur with a moustache. I believe it will make a suitable replacement.


Closing the notebook, Eve decided to do as Mr Groglands had advised and take a nap. She was more tired than she had thought and was quite eager to sleep. She lay down on her bed, and Elvis jumped on it too and curled up at the bottom, and was asleep before her head even hit the pillow.

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