And I Will Keep You, The Same

When the secrets are gone and forgotten, what of the secret keeper?


3. But Never Were the Same

You never escaped from Tinseltown

But never stopped your song

When I saw you so much later

I couldn't blame you for the bitter looks

I deserved them all


I wish you would've seen it here

It really was beautiful

I have no excuse for not returning for you

But I have no regrets in leaving

People live and people leave

Lines intersect and float away

But the thing is affected

And I will never forget the work we did

In hope of a better future


This is the end

I have not else to say

I'll sign this with a secret

so you know that I mean it when I say

I screamed your name on the mountaintops, 

It's just that no one listened


You do not ask for pity

I do not ask for shame

Just remember the two kids 

on their typewriter 

who never saw it coming

but never were the same.

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