And I Will Keep You, The Same

When the secrets are gone and forgotten, what of the secret keeper?


2. And Selfish Helped my Case

The great day came and my number was called

And the walls fell, because I had no secrets

You were lost in the vast crowds of people

Hoping I remain just a face

I buried my key in a box full of memories

And smiled, because I had no regrets


I left you back in Tinseltown

I wish that I could find you

But seeing that place would break me

It’s much prettier here, hiding behind the golden glitters

Where the smiles are bright

And the people are cold


I know you work to get here

Not to find me, but to prove yourself

I know you must hold grudges

For the girl who broke her promise

But please don’t think so little of me

When you reach me here


I said that I would keep you

I wish that that was true

I know that if you reached me

And the tables turned

You’d have found me back in TInseltown

But I was never kind as you

And selfish helped my case


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