And I Will Keep You, The Same

When the secrets are gone and forgotten, what of the secret keeper?


1. And I Will Keep You, The Same

Lend me your passions, your hungers, your lusts,

And I will keep them in my pocket, safe from the world.

Let me your secrets and woes,

And I will lock them away

For my eyes to confide in

And yours to remind you of the roads you shan’t travel.


Two keys, ‘round your neck and mine.

To keep the doubt and fear at bay,

And land somewhere when you fall.

I’ll build us a barrier to save us some trouble.

Great walls made of memories and mistakes.

And someday we’ll look back, and remind us

Of the locks around our problems.


And perhaps we’ll see the light stream through the thin white veils

And break the locks

And let out all the worry.

Then maybe, we will breath freely again.

And I will keep you the same. 


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