My Pride, My Joy, and My Life

Jason, Mary, Leigh-Ann, Sonny, Sage, William, Luke, Jake, And One Direction

Jason and Leigh-Ann are siblings that was tore apart at birth, Jason was born a few minutes away from Leigh-Ann, but Leigh is deaf, she enjoys the peace because it gives her time to think in peace, while Jason is the guy with a mask on when he's outside the house or without his mother Holly or his adopted brother Luke, Jason is only 14 and he's cut, almost committed suicide, Jason was bullied back when he was about ten to twelve....

"Jason!" my mother Holly called after me as I tried to chase my four year old brother, Luke, Luke isin't exactly my full brother, he was adopted, but I treat him like my own, I buy him anything he wants, so I kinda spoil him even though my mum tells me not to, I finally caught Luke and he was panting, I carried him on my back and walked to my mums room where she was with her wedding dress on, it look great on her, fitting her body perfectly, she looked great, and I meant it......


2. My About's

"NO!" I shouted as my parents persuaded me to help Jen my ex-best friend that apparently called me all the possible things you can so call say disgusting, she cause me to cut, but gladly my friend Aj go me stop by helping me "why not? You guys are best friends" my mom Sara said doing her usual hand flipping with her hand "no, no she's not, she used me, she called me useless, fat, slut, whore, anything that you would consider disgusting mom and no I will not say sorry to her, this time its her mistake not mine" I defended my self, there mouths completely dropped, the Salzaras and I have a long long history together and it was nice and all until Jennina decided to back stab me at any chance she got, but turns out I got her and took a little video of her cheating with Nick, Jake, and Leo her boyfriends, she was good until I ruined her, she's known as the school's loser slut and she knows that because everyone ends up threatening her at any moment they got, the teachers didn't believe her because she was a usual obvious liar, god shes the worst, she is a natural blonde, but she died her hair neon pink, who does that? She always wore contacts that are vampire eyes, her natural is icy blue eyes with a mixture of white green, she wears the slut outfit ya know the short bottoms and the smallest of the small shirts and shes a technical cupcake face, more than cupcake, she has a cake face (full on make-up) she wears those high high heels that no one, not even her can walk in, Mrs. Slazara died on the sixteenth birthday Jennina had and she was 45 at the point, her Mr. Slazara is a nice guy, but behind doors he's blaming Jennina for Samantha's (Mrs. Salzara's) death and as the usual he'd say she's nothing, but a worthless slut and it is true, I'm the popular jock as you can say, it's the obvious, I like sports and I like all the girly things.

I'm no obvious nice girl to Jennina at all and i hate her guts! And I mean like total loathe her, everyone knows that and she'll take any chance to get back at me, but the points are way low, though I love that no one does believe her at all, rumors spread right ;)? ha total sabotage is what it's called and yeah it seems cruel  but once you start there is no way of getting out, that the little thing about me. Well as geeky as anyone know not to mess with me and it's a total fact about me, once you start yo can't get out, unless you do something that'll humiliate you and taunt you your whole life in public in front of me your free from then on out, yup that's the practical me, it's not very nice, but I'm kind and friendly to the real friends I have, it's actually good to meet me as long as you don't get on my bad side... JK once I get to meet the person and I get along with them and I feel comfortable hanging around them and then they become my friends when we hang more and more, the last thing they'll ever do is come to my house unless they are really close and there are only four people that ever came to my house afar form Jennina and her twink family, yeah that's what I kinda am with her now, so better get comfy with it because I'll be here to make her life as worse as ever and I got my defense with it and I ain't letting her go until she says sorry and admits she had her wrongs, I was so nice and kind to her, I trusted her, but she never was there and soon on everything was gone because everyone realized she was a total liar and it made everyone realize everything she said about me was so called a lie, but that protected me, not her...But I didn't mind my self and yeah, yeah I know everyone deserve a second chance, but do you get one in life when you say no to a chance and try to take it back? NOPE! And I know I'm right about it because it happened to my Cassini 

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