My Pride, My Joy, and My Life

Jason, Mary, Leigh-Ann, Sonny, Sage, William, Luke, Jake, And One Direction

Jason and Leigh-Ann are siblings that was tore apart at birth, Jason was born a few minutes away from Leigh-Ann, but Leigh is deaf, she enjoys the peace because it gives her time to think in peace, while Jason is the guy with a mask on when he's outside the house or without his mother Holly or his adopted brother Luke, Jason is only 14 and he's cut, almost committed suicide, Jason was bullied back when he was about ten to twelve....

"Jason!" my mother Holly called after me as I tried to chase my four year old brother, Luke, Luke isin't exactly my full brother, he was adopted, but I treat him like my own, I buy him anything he wants, so I kinda spoil him even though my mum tells me not to, I finally caught Luke and he was panting, I carried him on my back and walked to my mums room where she was with her wedding dress on, it look great on her, fitting her body perfectly, she looked great, and I meant it......


1. Ello Jeeeellllooosss!!!!

EY! this is gonna be my best book, I think... um I think this is going to be the first book I'll actually try to finish! I think I don't really know because I ain't a fortune teller and I never actually finish a book so crossed fingers for this one, I actually hope people will read this and I actually want to get to my goal so yeah......... I really hope so follow me on twitter @Lollipopsgopop or Trisha Concepcion on FB 

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