Odd One Out

"Good things come to those who wait."
How much longer do I have to wait?

Iris is different. She wants more. She wants to be free.
She wants love.
But no one understands her. Her only escape is through music.
She's the Odd One Out.
And then, she meets Blake...


4. Goodnight Sun

Dear Love,

We're all weird inside, aren't we?

But some people wear a mask, and pretend to be perfect.

I'm not perfect.

I don't try to hide it.

I don't wear make up on my face to change who I am.

I don't stop eating to fit in with society.

I am who I am.

I just need someone who can accept me for that.



Iris x


"Less hard on the snare. Now bring in the toms. Crash, crash! Hit the crash! Yes!!" Jason throws his head back with relief. "Ah.." He sighs. "You've got it."

I smile, wiping the sweat from the palm of my hands on my jeans. "Was that okay?"

"Okay? Iris, you've got talent. That was.." He shrugs, flicking his hands in the air. "Words fail me."

I smile, clicking the sticks together. Drumming's such a good break from life.

"Do it again," He says, catching the last few drops of water from his bottle on his tongue. So I do. I do it again. And it feels great.


"Drumming went okay?" Mum says as I stumble in the front door.

"It was awesome," I reply, filling a glass with kiwi juice. "Jason's pretty happy with me."

"Good! How is he?"

I shrug. "I go for drumming, Mum, not to hang out."

I open the door to the living room.

"Iris you're not off to play that guitar are you?" Mum sighs.

"Yes, actually, I am."

"There's more to life than music. What about school, and friends? Go out and do what other kids do!"

I don't tell Mum that I don't have any friends.

"How can there be more to life than music when music is your life?"

I don't give her time to answer. I grab my guitar, and spend the last few hours of the day lying on the hammock playing guitar as the sun simmers out.

"Goodnight," I whisper to it, blowing a single kiss into the night. Maybe someone up there will catch it, and Love will find me.

Goodnight, sun.


"Iris, sweetie, wake up!" Dad's hands shake me to my senses. I groan, the stars are telling me I should be asleep. Dad laughs. "You fell asleep outside, silly."

I shrug. "I'm fine here."

He shakes his head. "You'll catch a chill. Come on," He nods to the house. "Let's get you inside to bed."

Arguing is pointless.

"You're a funny one, Iris."

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