Odd One Out

"Good things come to those who wait."
How much longer do I have to wait?

Iris is different. She wants more. She wants to be free.
She wants love.
But no one understands her. Her only escape is through music.
She's the Odd One Out.
And then, she meets Blake...


13. Forever and ever and ever

Dear Love,

Bring him back,

I didn't even get to hear his name!

Will I ever meet him again?

For my life, he will be on my mind.

He was perfection,

He was...

He was Love.

It was you!

Come back, Love!

Come back, please!

Iris x


My phone has a vibrational fit in my pocket, so I quickly take it out and check what's up. 8 new messages. All from that number.

Tell me you miss me back.

You haven't forgotten about me already?

I want you back in my life.

So on, like that, loads of them. Almost saying the same thing. I dig my eyebrows deep into my forehead and reply.

Who are you? Who the hell is this?!

I almost feel bad for saying it, but send it anyway. A reply shoots back instantly.

You've forgotten. Haven't you?

I think hard, but I'm clueless. Who? Who are you? I rub my temples, rolling my neck back. Mum swings my bedroom door open.

"Iris, honey, it's Charlotte," She says, holding her Blackberry out towards me. I push my phone into the bed covers and take mum's. She gives me a smile, and runs her fingertips through my dark curls, kissing my forehead. The door shuts behind her as she leaves.

"Mrs Muller? Charlotte? It's Iris here."

"Iris! Great news, the studio want to bring you back!"

"Back? Like to record more?" My words tumble.

"Yes, exactly that! A full CD, an EP, 8 songs. And, not only that..."

My heart thuds like a bass drum against my chest.

"...They're going to let you do it for free."

"FOR FREE?!" My face burns up and I almost collapse in excitement.

"Yeah! Are you up for it?"

I've lost my voice. Am I up for it?! Tears gurgle at the back of my throat. "YES!!"

"Great, tomorrow night they want to get you started. Speak to me tomorrow lunch!"

"I will, thank you so much Charlotte!"

"It's not me to thank, but I'll see you tomorrow, Iris!"
"Yeah, bye."

I hang up, steadying myself against the door. Wait till mum hears this.


"Free?! No catch?" Coffee flies from mum's lips. I can't help but smile.

"Yeah, that's what they said!" I grab her hand. "Mum, my future is piecing together!"

She gives me a sad smile. "Iris, honey." Her sigh tells me what's coming next isn't going to be great news. "Music is great, and fun, but it's no future. I'd rather you did something more...productive. That would earn you money, and a living. Like..." She stops to think, then a flicker of a smile hits her lips. "Architecture!"

My face drops, along with every bit of excitement and hope I ever had. "Great, mum, thanks for you support." Sarcasm drawls out  my lips, and I leave, slamming the door behind me. An architect? No. Music. It's got to be music.


No, I've got his eyes wrong. And his lips don't go up so steep like that, they're more..soft. I sigh, comparing my drawing to the image of the boy from yesterday in my mind. I didn't even catch his name..

He looked like a Damien. That would suit him well. No..I rub out his shoulders. They're more muscular, not wimpy. I chew the end of my pencil. Not bad. But he looked a lot better in person.

Will I even ever see him again?

I hope so. I take the drawing and rip it out from the sketchbook, pinning it up against my wall with a red safety pin.

Now I can always look at him.


And ever.

And ever.


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