A Not So Perfect Life

Sophie and Danny are not your average teens. They have been getting abused buy there foster father, Rod, since they were five. Both of their parents died in the same apartment fire, and ever since then you couldn't separate them. Now they are free, or are they?


2. Stopped by a Blonde Boy

*Rena's pov*
     I looked at the people in the store. The only ones here were Danny and I, Jimmy the store clerk, and five boys running through the snack isle. They were preoccupied with their cheese puffs and we took our chance. Danny walked over the alcohol isle and I walked over to get us some water. 
     Rod would never buy it for us so I had to save change from Rod. Since he couldn't count I thought he wouldn't catch me. 
     I also grabbed some aspirin knowing we would need it. 
     I walked back over to where Danny was standing, trying to find a big enough pack to settle him. She picked one up and closed the freezer door. Danny looked into our reflection, just standing there. " Danny, snap out of it." I told her, she nodded and turned towards the front counter. Suddenly, a blonde boy with blue eyes stood I front of us.
* Danny's pov*
     I stood in front of the freezer, grossed out by what I saw. Beer. I kept looking for a big enough pack to hold him a couple of days. I grabbed one and closed the freezer door ,Rena now standing with me. I looked at our reflections in the mirror. We looked pitifull. I was wearing a  bluevolunteer shirt that said ' I volunteer at the pet shelter!' With some old vans and shorts with ripped cuffs. My hair was all messy and it looked like I hadn't brushed it in days. Rena was wearing a purple shirt that said ' You rock!'and had a guitar on it. She Also had on some old black vans and shorts. Her hair was naturally curly. "Danny, snap out of it," I heard Rena say. I nodded and headed towards the checkout counter. 
     Suddenly a blonde boy stood in front of me. Rena immediately stood behind me and started shaking when someone else came up to her.  
     " Um... excuse me, how old are you? " the boy asked me in a thick Irish accent. 
     " Um... 16." I said, why didn't I lie, he was never going to let us through now. 
     " Why don't you girls put that back and wait a few more years..." He told us, while trying to take the beer from my hands. I wouldn't let go.
     " You don't understand, I need this." I stated.
* Niall's pov* 
    What did she mean when she said I didn't understand. I completely understood. Her and her little friend were throwing their life and money away.  I couldn't let them do that, they were too beautiful.

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