A Not So Perfect Life

Sophie and Danny are not your average teens. They have been getting abused buy there foster father, Rod, since they were five. Both of their parents died in the same apartment fire, and ever since then you couldn't separate them. Now they are free, or are they?


5. Punishment Part 2

* Rena's pov*
Oh no. Now Rod had a knife against Danny's neck and was yelling in her face. I stood up and looked at Rod with fear in my eyes.
"Please Rod, please put the knife away..." I pleaded. 
"Does it make you uncomfortable, I don't know why. It's not like I used it on you when you snuck out once. " I thought about that night. I was only 14. I had snuck out so that I could finish a project for school. He had found out and had the knife waiting to slit me on the arm when I got home. 
"That's exactly what happened!" 
"Don't you yell at me!" He turned to Danny. Tell me exactly what happened or I'll cut your throat!"
"We went into the store and started to get your beer and Serena grabbed some aspirin and water for m..." Oh man, she wasn't supposed to say that...
"Excuse me?!?!" 
"How dare you use my money on yourselves!" Then he did something that I thought only happened in my worst nightmares, he stabbed Danny in the stomach.
*Niall's pov*
    As I watched outside through my window, I couldn't believe what I saw. That horrible man just stabbed that beautiful girl for no reason! 
"That's it I am going out there to give him a piece of my mind!" I told the lads. 
"Wait Niall! Lets call the police and then we can go help them." Liam said as he grabbed my shoulder. I regret it, but nodded.
" Harry, my phone is dead can we use yours?" I looked over to where Harry was watching, but he wasn't there. Suddenly I heard the van door open. "Louis, Zayn!  Grab Harry. Quick!" I told them.
"Got him!" Louis yelled. After Harry was back in the car, I told him the plan. 
"We need to stay put for a second." I told him.He nodded. " Hello, is this 911?"
*Rena's pov* 
     I looked at Danny now on the ground, barely conscious. I knelt down next to her and put my hand over the wound with pressure. "Somebody help me please!" I yelled. Rob looked at me and smiled. He switched his stare from me to the bloody blade. "Oh no, please!" I yelled. I got up and started running in the opposite direction. He pulled out a small pistol. "BANG!!!" I heard. I looked down at my leg which now had a bullet hole through it. I fell to the ground. Everything went blurry, and
 eventually black. The last thing I remember was Danny using all her strength to tell "Rena!" . Then, she too passed out cold.

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