A Not So Perfect Life

Sophie and Danny are not your average teens. They have been getting abused buy there foster father, Rod, since they were five. Both of their parents died in the same apartment fire, and ever since then you couldn't separate them. Now they are free, or are they?


9. Leaving

*Rena's pov*
      The doctor walked in and I turned to Harry. He nodded as if to say,' don't worry, she's safe.'. I nodded and looked over at her and she started checking my vitals. At least that's what she said.
"Can you tell me why you have so many bruises, and why that man shot you?"
"That man is my foster father. He has ruined mine and Danny's life ever since our foster mother died in a fire." I replied slowly and shakily. This was the most I had ever said to anyone, besides Danny. "These bruises are from when Rod  when he abused me. Danny was also abused."
I added. The doctor and Harry gasped loudly. The doctor finished running the tests and kept constantly rubbing her eye like something was in it. The boys were speechless. 
"Sweetheart, will you please let me see some of your bruises?" She asked politely.  I was timid but in the end lifted up my gown to only reveal my stomach and legs covered by black and blue spots. The doctor ran out crying and the boys also left crying. I was now all alone.
*Danny's pov *
      A doctor, male, walked in my room. He was the one that did my checkup. I didn't pay attention to him though, all I wanted was to see Rena. I wanted to make sure she's ok. The doctor said that I could leave if I was careful with my stitches and I had to promise to take my prescription. I promised and got up slowly. 
"Do you want some help getting out of bed?" The cute blonde asked, I think his name was Niall. 
     "No, I'm able to get out by myself." That was a total lie. I started to wriggle out but realized it would be a lot harder. I think Niall noticed I was struggling and came to help. He helped me sit up and said "You do have clothes to change into, right?" Liam asked
     "No, no I don't."
     "Oh, um, I will go to the gift shop downstairs and grab some clothes." Zayn said. I nodded and with that he left. We sat there in silence, a deeply awkward silence.
* Harry's pov*
     I left the room and just couldn't take it. Not only did that... Rod, shoot her but he also abused them almost all their life. She told me how she was only 3 when her parents died and came to him. I was now going through my thoughts while pacing back and forth in the hallway. Suddenly I ran into a familiar face. Zayn! 
      "Hey, lad, what's wrong?" He was running for something. 
     "These girls don't have any clothes to change into and I was going down to the shop to get some. Harry, come help me ok?"
"Alright lad. Just calm down a little. They are allowed to leave right?" I told him. 
" Danny is, what about sere...Serena?" Zayn asked, making sure he guessed the name right. 
     "I'm not sure, I will call Boo-Bear and ask."I said grabbing out my phone and dialed his number." Hello?" I said
     "Hey Hazza, I am now back with Serena. What do you need?"
     "I want to know when Serena can get checked out, will you ask the doctor?" 
"Sure Hazza, no problem."
"Thanks boo bear..." He covered the phone with his hand and I heard him ask the doctor. He uncovered the phone again and answered my question. "Today, but she will be on cruches for a week or 2. Why?"
      "Thanks i will grab her some clothes."
     "Alright, goodbye." I hung up to Louis screaming into the phone 'I love you baby!!!' It was funny because I could actually hear him down the hall. Poor Serena. I looked at Zayn and gave him a nod. We both jogged to the elevator and flipped on our hoodies. Once we were downstairs he walked into the shop. The only clothes they had were a shirt with their logo on it. We bought 2 mediums and went back upstairs. Luckily they still had their shorts and they weren't stained. I knocked on the door and opened it only to see Louis holding my girl in this arms.

*snaps hands in z formation " oh no he didn't!"*

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