A Not So Perfect Life

Sophie and Danny are not your average teens. They have been getting abused buy there foster father, Rod, since they were five. Both of their parents died in the same apartment fire, and ever since then you couldn't separate them. Now they are free, or are they?


10. Get Off Of My Case

*Rena's pov*
 Louis came back in and I was now crying. I should have never showed them my bruises. Now they will feel sorry for me. I hate it when people feel sorry for us. Louis walked up to my bed and put his arm around me. 
"Love, what's wrong? He said as he put a reassuring smile on to show that I could trust him.
     "I should have never showed you my foster fathers markings. Now all of you will feel sorry for Danny and I and I hate it when people feel sorry for me. "
     He kissed  the top of my head and hugged me softly. "Serena, I promise to treat you just as you want. Think of me as your big brother. All of us. Although, I think Harry has other ideas." He smiled and looked at me. 
     "What do you mean?" I said, clueless. Sometimes I can be a real blonde. 
     "Duh! Harry likes you !!!" He stared at me and waited for it to click in. 
     "Not possible, I just met him. And why would he like someone like me?" I asked. Suddenly the doctor walked in before Louis could answer. She was holding a pair of cruches  in her  hand. Serena sat up and the doctor handed them to her and started to help her up. My phone rang. It was Hazza. 
     * after phone call*
     "Thank you for making me feel good about myself Louis.             
     "No problem Serena," he told me as he hugged me. I sat my head in his shoulders and he started rubbing my back. 
     Suddenly Harry walked in and he looked mad Louis. Louis immediately let me go and we all stood there, well I was on cruches. 
     "Louis, can I speak to you please?"Harry asked, holding back his emotions. 
     "Sure Hazza. " Louis said walking outside. Harry tossed me my shirt and I caught it easily. The boys left the room and so did the doctor. I slipped on my shirt. It was a blue v-neck that had the hospitals logo on it. I grabbed my shorts, thank goodness they didn't look like I had been shot in them. This was going to be a harder challenge. I grabbed the wrap the doctor gave me and wrapped up my leg. MAN, THAT WAS PAINFUL!!! I didn't say anything though. I slipped on my pants as careful as possible and buttoned them. Phew another mountain climbed. I giggled at that, my dad used to always say that to me and it always put a smile on my face. Man I  missed him. 
* Louis pov*
     I walked out of he room, following Harry. We got down to the chairs where we first waited and he stopped suddenly. I almost tripped over him but my great ninja reflexes stopped me. ( so a Louis thought). He turned around and has a serious face on. 
     "She's mine. " he told me. I could tell he was angry. 
     "Just let me ex..." I was cut off by Harry's voice. 
     "I don't care, she is mine not yours. You have Eleanor, and I have Serena, ok?"
"Ok." I said now kind of mad. I wasn't doing anything wrong so he needs to get off my case.

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