A Not So Perfect Life

Sophie and Danny are not your average teens. They have been getting abused buy there foster father, Rod, since they were five. Both of their parents died in the same apartment fire, and ever since then you couldn't separate them. Now they are free, or are they?


13. Found Us

* Danny's pov* 

We huddled together in the pouring rain and hoped they wouldn't notice us. We were totally wrong. The group of about 5 boys it looked like, stopped in the alley and looked straight at us. Rena was trembling beside me. We both shakily stood up and looked at the group. I couldn't see very well because of the rain and the fact it was about midnight and pitch black outside, but I thought I made out my boyfriend, Niall. Then the boys spoke. 

*Niall's pov* 

There I was, standing and staring at my girlfriend that I hadn't  seen in four days. I started to mix up questions with tears is sadness and even a little rage. I couldn't show her that though. They have already been through enough and I am afraid if I got angry, they would never come back. 

"Danny?" I asked with my voice unexpectantly breaking at the end. I was now in tears. 

" Niall?" She asked, her also tearing up. 

"Thank goodness your alright, I haven't seen you in forever! Love, why did you lie to me?" I said pulling her in for the biggest hug I have ever given. We were now both crying into each others shoulders. 

" I don't know Niall. I'm sorry. I am so sorry words can't even describe it. That was the worst decision I have ever made." She replied. And immadiately all the rage and sadness and hurt I felt and it changed into happiness that the princess had found her knight in shining armor again. I looked over to Harry as he was crying as Rena was swinging around in his arms. Everyone was back together again. 

*Harry's pov*

i am so happy right now to have my Rena in my arms. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I put Rena down and looked over at Niall and Danny and they looked over at us. 

I looked at Niall and we both had the same idea on our minds. " Girls?" They both turned there head towards me. "We would like to invite you over to our house to get cleaned up and live with us." The both looked at each other and nodded. Everyone smiled and the boys started jumping up and down and cheering. 

With that, we walked back into our flat. 

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