A Not So Perfect Life

Sophie and Danny are not your average teens. They have been getting abused buy there foster father, Rod, since they were five. Both of their parents died in the same apartment fire, and ever since then you couldn't separate them. Now they are free, or are they?


3. Big Trouble

* Rod's pov*
     What was taking those stupid girls so long? They had been gone at least twenty minutes. It was making me very angry. I wanted my beer. I went to my car and started it. Looking at the time, made me even angrier. It was a quarter past midnight.  I would find them and punish them for making me drive with a hangover.
* Danny's pov* 
     " Please just let us buy it, we need it. I promise it's not for us." I was almost in tears now but he just stood there with his arms crossed. 
     All of the boys were standing in front of us now. One of them had really curly hair and green eyes. Another one was wearing a blue striped shirt and red skinnies. The last two were pretty quiet. One of them had black hair and blonde in the quiff. The other had a buzz cut.
     " Please let us through." Rena manages to get out. Suddenly the door swung open loudly and we all jumped only to see the person I was afraid of seeing. Rod.
* Rod's pov* 
     I saw the girls bikes parked outside the convenient store and decided to go punish them. As I walked into the convenient store, I saw Danny and Serena standing there, with my beer, talking to a bunch of guys! My blood boiled inside of me and I couldn't help but grab my knife inside my pocket. " What do you girls thing your doing?"
* Rena's pov* 
     I jumped when he came in. He scares me just by breathing. I hated him and I hated being scared. He stared me down with two evil eyes and put his hand in his right pocket. I knew what he had in his right pocket, his switchblade that he loved to threaten us with. Then he asked us what we were doing. We were in BIG trouble.


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