Adopted By One Direction

Alexis was a quite girl, her parents died when she was only 5. She had to live in a orphanage for a LONG time. Until when she was 13, the one and only 5 Seconds of Summer adopted her!


2. Just A Normal Day!

 I woke up to the bell that rings every FREAKING day! I just walked to the closet. Me and my 3 other roommates are the same size in clothes and shoes so we just shared them to make life easier. I got on my Black Snapback,Black Converse, some shorts, and a Panda shirt. When we were done getting ready we ran down stairs. We all had our hair curled today. Today was the best. day. ever. Adoptians for 13 year old girls!

 We never get picked! Its always the 3-7 year olds who get picked! We were so nevervous, who would get picked?! Then all of us heard screaming, we got a little scared. Naomi , Me, Ashely, and Claire just ran so quick now. We saw why everyone was screaming....WE'RE HAVING ONE DIRECTION HERE! Us 4 dont really like boybands, or people like Cody Simpson or Justin Beiber. We stood in a line. They were interviewing all us 13 year old girls. I was last in line and Claire was in front of me, Naomi was in front of here, and Ashely was in front. We all got out out iPhone 4s we got for Christmas.

 Then it was Ashely's turn, They didn't look to impressted with her, or any of my friends. But they loved me. We all got in our places, we were scared. Then the intercam said "Congrations to.........ALEXIS BRENTON!!!" I twirled around in circles! I GOT PICKED!!! All the girls hugged me, they helped me pack. I brought 5 snapbacks, 5 pairs of converse (Thats all i wear!), 8 shirts, 3 jumpers, 5 pairs of shorts, My skateborad, my song-book, and my Phone and iPod.

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