blurb:Candy is just a little orphan girl who is 8 years old. One day she runs away and goes in victorian london. Will she be safe?


5. where to stay

I remembered what my mum said the day I was born. If I am to die and you are put in a horrible care home. Just run run run. I did but then I stopped. Where should I go? I couldn't be candy any more. I had to be a new name. Sweetie.For shelter I would go behind the market. First , I would need to change my look. Wear different clothes.Have my hair cut a bit. Then change my name. Sweetie Jones will be my own new name. New name a new life.

I went behind the market stalls. I was so cold. I put some of my clothes around me. I put my cloths as a pillow. I got some stone and drew on the ground. Candy went that way, I wrote. This way Steve would not find me. I got some hair clips and put them to the side. I was now a new person.

Slowly, I could hear a dog barking.I put my clothes over me for my blanket. I went to sleep. The next day would be the start of my new life as Sweetie.

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