blurb:Candy is just a little orphan girl who is 8 years old. One day she runs away and goes in victorian london. Will she be safe?


9. Lily

"You do?" I asked, my eyes shining bright with glee.

"Yes, she used to live around her but hat was before, before..." Cassie replied sadly

"She did?! What was she like , did she remember me, where did she live , where did she work and before what" I said , eager to know.

 "Woah there little buddy, that's a LOT of questions , well I suppose you miss her , ok. She was nice, her eyes were always twinkling,kinda like yours. And of course she remembered you but whenever she talked about you she looked sad , she really missed you, but the twinkle in her eyes went out. I'm not actually sure where she lived but she worked here at the meat stall. She's  my best friend." A tear run down her eye, " You see, Lily , she's really ill , but she refuses to go to hospital. Despite that, she still has that twinkle in her eye"

"Ohh , she sounds lovely but I can't believe you was her best friend! Do you know what she's ill with?"I said

"Well, actually now tuberculosis is spreading everywhere, it's very contagious" Cassie answered. "Anyway , come on we got to get to work, go in the back and start cooking for me"

So I went into the back, it was amazing. There was millions of pots and jars stacked on shelves. Meat dangling at the back, saucepans and pans clattered in a pile. It was every cooks dream! I picked up slabs of meat and put them into the oven. Then I got a bowl and mixed spices and herbs. Cassie came in "Mmm, hmmm, smells lovely! Anyway I've got to go out to get some more chilli would you mind looking after the stall, of course you won't , after all I'm paying you right?" Cassie chuckled. Then she skipped out the room with a basked to put the chilli in. "I've got to cook and serve people , oh no!" I muttered to myself. I ran to the front to serve people . There was this red faced girl, with blonde flowing hair just like mine. And she had a sparkle in her eye. Was it?, no it couldn't be...

" Hi , um is Cass there?" The girl asked coughing madly.

" No,  I'm her employee,do you know her?" I whispered

She coughed again." Yes, I'm her best friend . I'm lily, nice to meet you , whats your name?" 

"Candy but I'm in disguise as Sweetie because  my care homes looking for me." I said , forgetting that it was a secret. Oh no! I just remembered, I was so happy in case it was her I've told her, and she might not even be my sister! The girl looked at me carefully, then her mouth dropped down and she didn't cough.

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