blurb:Candy is just a little orphan girl who is 8 years old. One day she runs away and goes in victorian london. Will she be safe?


11. lily lied

“So lily could I come to your house. I know I am only 8 and am at work but I could help look after Jodie with you,” I said.

“Well… as long as you don’t mind. I live at the shelter near the workhouse. I’ll walk you over. Just to say they are starting construction work on motor cars and they will be tested,” said Lily.

The neighbourhood Lily lived in was great. It was a lovely flat. I wished I lived there. She knocked on the door of her house.

“Jodie are you there. I have someone to vist us,” said Lily, “We don’t really get vistors.”

Jodie raced to the door with Lily’s foster dad next to her.

“Lily you are here. I made you a lovely dinner. Jodie made you a flower. Who is this next to you?” asked Lily’s foster dad.

“She is my sister Candy. Can we come in?” asked Lily.

“Of course you can,” replied lily’s foster dad."Would you like to have dinner, Candy? 

“Yes please! Hey lily can I talk to you for a minute,” I said as Lily walked up to me, “You said your dad wasn’t home and out drinking.”

“I lied. You just had a terrible life. I didn’t want you to feel you had the worst life. I am sorry,” said Lily.

I didn’t look at her and left the house in a stomp. That is where we are now. I am crossing the street wait I see a tester testing a motor car. It is going to run over me. I’ll run ……..


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