blurb:Candy is just a little orphan girl who is 8 years old. One day she runs away and goes in victorian london. Will she be safe?


10. Gasp!

"C,c,candy. Is that you? My sister , was you separated at birth from your sister?" Lily cried

"Lily? Oh Lily, I've missed you so much. I always think about you! I've run away from my care home as the careworker treated me so badly , I needed to get away" I weeped.

" Really? I think about you all the time too and mum." She sobbed .

" Mum, do you know how she died? I've always wondered, my careworker said it was because of me" I said

"Wow, he really does sound mean. You honestly don't know? Well, it was dad , he killed her.I only found out a year ago, Poor, mum" Lily replied.

I sobbed my heart out. I never knew someone could be so cruel. "So how are you living now Lily?" I questioned

"Well, I got fostered when you was born. We live here in a flat. But I worked here until I got ill" She coughed." My fathers , well he isn't a very fit father. Most days he stays out all night and leaves me and Jodie alone so i basically look after Jodie, my little sister who's lovely but she's nowhere near as nice as you, probably, alone." She said sadly. 


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