blurb:Candy is just a little orphan girl who is 8 years old. One day she runs away and goes in victorian london. Will she be safe?


12. extract from sweetie

eeing candy leave broke my heart. She was my sister. I went inside after she left to try and make me happier but I couldn’t be knowing she left because of me. I didn’t know why she left. It just upset me a lot. I knew not telling her the truth was bad but it wouldn’t make her leave. If I think about it, I shouldn’t have lied to my own sister. She looks up to me and I haven’t seen her in years. I thought I should forget about her for a minute then I could think about to see were she is after a while. Maybe I could go to are front room to see Jodie. Then I could take her out to see her friends. Seeing her happy would make me smile it always does because she grew up as my foster sister and was like a real sister as I hardly saw my real sister. I loved her.

“Lily,” my foster dad called, “I heard something outside. I think it was just the people testing for the new motor car but from the sounds of things they crashed into something and it could have been my vegetable patch. Could you just go outside and check it is ok. I will give you a few shillings for doing this for me and I will let you take your horse out.”

My foster dad loved his fruit and vegetable patch. He grew everything there. We normally bought some meat and herbs for a few shillings then he put some pepper then we had a meal. He sold things at the market and he got a lot of money.  Once in the middle of the night someone stole all the fruits and vegetables cut them down. Since that day my foster dad has been really careful. He even has a spade at the window. He has traps all over the house. Even my bed room!

“I’ll go in a minute. I thought I should take Jodie out to see her friends as they live just across the road,” I said, “They won’t mind if I bring her over to play with as they love having her round. Then you can have a bit of time to yourself.”

Jodie was 2 and went to the local playgroup. There was a group of girls who lived really near us. Jodie became friends with them and then they made arrangements with my dad to try and see each other every week. Two weeks ago, she had to have her small pox vaccination which meant she would have cow pox for a week. She was told not to go to school or anyone’s house to make sure no one gets really ill. I was sure Jodie would love to see them now that she was better. She would have gone to school this week to see them but something happened to the school building were someone broke in and it will take a week to fix.

I went to the living room to get Jodie. She was reading her favourite book . I went upstairs to get her stroller and coat. Then I went back downstairs to get my coat as today it was really cold. I opened the door and went down the stairs. I looked at my foster dads vegetable patch everything was fine there. I thought I should tell my foster dad were I was going.

“Dad, your vegetable patch is fine. I’ll be back later with Jodie. See you soon. Ooh and we will have dinner their,” I said.

“See you later sweet heart. Don’t forget you have a hospital appointment tomorrow so you need to get your profile ready,” said my foster dad, “Oh and when you come back I’ll be out at the market  so could you look after Jodie. I’ll be back at 8:00.”

I walked along the path to get to the part to cross the road. Maybe I would see candy. I could explain why I lied then she would understand why I did it. I lied because she had a really bad life and I didn’t want her to think I had the perfect life and I had everything. She had nothing great happen since our mum died. I got to the crossing and saw someone in the middle of the road. I went up to them to see it was my little sister candy! It must have happened when she ran out into the road. I should of ran after her.

“Candy … candy are you alright?” I asked worried. She didn’t look fine. I coughed a bit worried about her.

She was laying on her side with blood on her cheek. She stood still. Her leg was bent and may be broken.

“Lily is that you? Asked Candy.

“Yeah. What happened to you?” I asked.

“I was walking down the street after I learnt you had lied to me. I crossed the road and one of the motor car testers crashed into me,” said candy.

Poor candy. She was 8 and had been really hurt lots. Seeing her in pain bought tears to my eyes. I ran back home with Jodie to call my foster dad.

“Dad,” I screamed, “My sister got hurt in the road. We need to take her to the hospital.”

“Go and get the horse and carriage out back. We will drop Jodie of at her friend’s house and you come with me,” said my foster dad.

I went to the road to get Candy. I carried her in my arms to the horse and carriage.

“Don’t worry candy,” I said, “We will get you to the hospital soon and then you will be ok.”

I went to see my horse Caroline in the stables to connect her to the cart.

“Hello Caroline,” I said, “I got you an apple. Now I need you to take the carriage out for a ride.”

I took her out of the stables to get her a snack. I took her by her lead and took her to the cart and attached her to it.

“Good girl Caroline,” I said to Caroline.

I went inside the house to get my dad so he could take us to the hospital. I was just hoping that my little sister candy would be ok.

“Dad,” I shouted to my dad, “I have the horse and carriage ready so we can go to the hospital now.”

I wanted to get th as quick as possible. I wanted to see what had happened to candy but I wanted to make sure that horrible orphanage don’t find her.

“I’ll be down in a second. I just need to get a few of Jodie’s things as she might be there a while.”

He got her things really quickly and went in the horse and carriage to drive it.  We dropped Jodie of at her friends and explained everything. Then we got to the hospital.

“Oh dad before you go in,” I said , “Her name is Candy but you need to say sweetie so her care home don’t find her. Ok.”

He did everything I said to do and then we went into “sweetie’” hospital room and waited for the nurse to come and tell us about her condition.

“Well she seems to be fine but she has been hurt in the spine and that means she is temporally disabled. If you put a ramp in your house, then she should be able to get in and out fine.”

“Don’t worry candy everything will be fine.” I told candy.

I knew it would be fine and it was.

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