blurb:Candy is just a little orphan girl who is 8 years old. One day she runs away and goes in victorian london. Will she be safe?


8. cassie

I went to the market to go to the meat stall. It looked good place to work. I walked up to the people at the stall and asked her something.

“Hey, do you have any jobs available,” I asked.

“Yes, I have been needing extra help,” said Cassie, the girl who worked there, “I just need to ask you a few question and get you to sign a form.”

I went into a small room to have my interview. It had a tiny shelter with a small roof. It had a lot of room to sit down.

“So basically it is just your normal questions a few pieces of paper work and we tell you about the payment. Ok so sit down now,” said Cassie.

I sat on the nice pink seat. Pink has always been my favourite colour. When I was born, I was put in a pink blanket.

“Ok first what is your name?” asked Cassie.

“I am Sweetie Jones,” I said.

“You look a lot like the girl who went missing candy smith. Are you sure you are not her?” she asked.

“No,” I said quite confidently.

I wasn’t candy anymore I was Sweetie now. She had never been candy. She was a whole new life I created to be a new person. I couldn’t let anyone find out as they would turn me in.

“Look you can tell me anything. If you are candy you can tell me,” said Cassie.

“Well… yes I am. I ran away yesterday and changed my name so no one would find me. I just hated my care home. I was smacked by the owner as I was the only girl please don’t send me back just for the reward. I hated it their I never want to go back,” I cried very softly.

She was the first person I had actually told about this. I never knew how to say it. Now the secret was out and she would probably turn me in.

“Don’t worry I won’t turn you in. Lots of people want to find you. Don’t worry your secrets safe with me. I will never tell another living soul,” said Cassie.

I was glad she would keep my secret safe. At least no one else would find out about it. Then I knew she was a nice person.

“Ok sweetie so have you ever worked any were before?” she asked.

“Well no… I did go to school for a bit but then my orphanage couldn’t afford it but instead of working I did a lot of cooking and washing up. I also sold a few things like meat to get a bit of money,” I told Cassie.

She noted that down in her book so she would have a note to see what job I could get. There were lots of different jobs that I could get.

“Ok, I see you have done lots of different things so I thought you would like a job were you are inside the tent. So I thought you would like a job doing the cooking. Basically you put the fire on over there and cook the meat people buy. It pays around 3 shilings a day. So what do you say are you going to accept this job? Just to say you also have to do a bit of washing up,” Cassie told me going from the office.

I thought about this decision. I was abused because I didn’t do these jobs. That was ages ago. Cassie wouldn’t do that to me she was a nice girl. I am going to take it.

“Ok I’ll take this job,” I said to Cassie.

“Ok, Wait I just have one thing to say. Do you have a sister?” asked Cassie.

“Yes, I do have a sister named Lily,” I replied.

I didn’t know what she would say next but I knew it would shock me.

“Look I don’t know how to say this it may be a lot of news to you. I know where your sister is,” said Cassie.

It shocked me deeply I hadn’t seen her in 8 years. The day I was born.

“Wait what did you say?” I asked Cassie.

“I know where your sister is,” said Cassie.

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