Out of The Darkness

She is still alone in the deep, darkness. But they let her out and dump her in the middle of nowhere in a desert. There, she meets John...


3. Natural Disaster

                     All of a sudden the sky turns a dark murky green. I look at him with frightened look while he looks bored. That soothes me a little. He walks over to the door connecting the outside world to us. He slides a medal grate over it and seals it with a small silver bolt. As he walks past me I could see he's annoyed, but not with me....

                   He walks out of the room as I follow him. He leads me into a deep dark cellar. He walks down the dark steps. I'm about to follow him without thinking, but I stop dead. Memories... But, as soon as he turns on the light I continue to follow him down the stalky stairs. 

                   As we are down there, I later find out that the thing causing the sky to turn that disgusting green is called a tornado. A tornado destroys everything and everyone in it's path! Scary! We can hear the sand blowing all over as the tornado blows right over our cave! It's all silent when John tells me to stay where I was. He carefully walks up the steps. Within a minuet I hear a "DANG" from John. OMG! I run up the steps thinking "so much for staying put!" 

             As I run out the cellar door I see all the chaos! Cacti, animals, and debris flying everywhere! As I am looking around I see why John had screamed. He's holding on to the house for dear life and he is bleeding! "JOHN!" I scream "GRAB MY HAND" . So he does. I am able to pull him inside. "Are you okay?" I ask while locking on the metal grate. "Uh, kinda..."  "Go take a shower, get the emergency kit, and I'll clean you up good as new. Okay?" I tell him "Whatever" he says while walking in to the bathroom.                

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