Out of The Darkness

She is still alone in the deep, darkness. But they let her out and dump her in the middle of nowhere in a desert. There, she meets John...


2. John

                   I’m left standing there alone with the boy. “Hi, um let's get to the point. Who are you and why am I here?” I ask cautiously. “ John, and your in the middle of nowhere. Who are you?” “Razzle. So, you live out here? How do you survive?” “Follow"  ... He leads me to a secretive “cave” under a hill of dirt. It is all shaded. He led me inside. It's dim and cool. There are a few windows, a small wooden table, kitchen appliances, bedrooms, and well, just standard house objects. It's not to fancy, but totally livable. Now, I see. “Make yourself at home” John says sharply. Inside he takes off his hat. He has a darker skin color, dark brown/black hair,almost like Justin Beiber, and he is about my age. I like his aditued and I think we'll become good friends. :D

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