Out of The Darkness

She is still alone in the deep, darkness. But they let her out and dump her in the middle of nowhere in a desert. There, she meets John...


7. I Think I'm in Love

Razzle's POV*


        "Do you wanna watch a movie" John asks..


"Y-yeah sure" I stutter nervously. I bet my cheeks are blushing a lot.


"What movie?" He inquires cautiously.


        My eyes widened at I scream "NEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I start giggling like a little girl, too. We smil and walk into the living room. We go and lay down on the couch, but he gets up to put in the movie, make popcorn, and grab a blanket.


        He walks into the living room with a big fuzzy blanket and plops down next to me. He asks if it was ok if we shared the blanket. I tell him it's fine, but I feel really happy inside. I think I like him..... He pushes play so we can watched it. I don't remember when, but I end up cuddled on him, and clinging onto his shoulder. I am somehow able to scoot even closer when the "Scary Parts" come on. I look at him and I study his face. He's pretty hot. He flicks his vision off the screen and onto me. Crap, I've been caught. I quickly look away and blush. But he still notices. We catch each other a few times more before we both look at each other at the same exact time. I swear I just saw a spark between us. I think I was am imagining it until we subconsciously leaned into each other and kiss. It's slow and passionate, filled with love and care. I kiss back gently. When we kiss, it is like fire crackers! It's amazing. Oh how I love his soft lips pressed up against mine. 


        Slowly and surely, the kiss deepens. I want to be with him, near him, and I want to be his. The kiss gets more passionate and we lean into each other more. I put my arms around him. I can't believe this is happening, this MUST mean he actually liked me right!?!? He grabs me and pulls me closer. He asked for entrance and I accepted.



A/N* Hay guys!!!!! OMG RAZZLE AND JOHN LIKE EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!! :O OMG finally!!!!! So what did you guys think. Please please please please comment!!!!!









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