Out of The Darkness

She is still alone in the deep, darkness. But they let her out and dump her in the middle of nowhere in a desert. There, she meets John...


6. Hay guys!!!

         HAY GUYS!!!!! What do you guys think so far? I don't care if you like it or hate it... Just tell meh!!! ;) Lol, but seriously I do want feedback because the popularity of this movellas is going NOWHERE, so I wanna know, is there a problem with it? Please comment :) I really hope you like it,  I'm work really hard on it! Ok, so if you want to be in the story... comment, if you have an opinion... Comment, and comment your fave movie(s)!!! I love u guys! My three fave movies are White Chicks <3, This Is Us, and Forrest Gump! XD Luv u guys!!! Comment please 


Love you lots,

xoxo Keegan Styles

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