Out of The Darkness

She is still alone in the deep, darkness. But they let her out and dump her in the middle of nowhere in a desert. There, she meets John...


4. Clean Clean Clean

                      John comes out in a clean, dark purple, hoodie and dark orange basketball shorts. He's wearing a dark purple and black SnapBack. Let me just say, I really like his outfit. "Thanks," he speaks,"for saving my life."  "No biggy" I simply reply. He has a medium sized gash in his head, so I tell him to go fetch me some thread and a needle, but I don't tell him why.  I thread the needle,tell him to close his eyes, and begin. At first, he winces, but then he starts relaxing. I clean, wrap, and stitch up his cuts and scrapes. "Your going to be sore tomorrow", I tell him, and with that, he lwalks to his room with a slight limp.



                  I just wanted to say guys, that I'm sooo sorry I haven't been updating. 1) not enough people state their opinion, 2) I was super buisy with exames,tests, finals, galileos, and worst of all HOMEWORK :( PLEASE KEEP READING! Also comment ideas, I might just use them and if I do, I will make sure you get credit. Thanx      Loves from     ~Keegan Styles <3

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