Out of The Darkness

She is still alone in the deep, darkness. But they let her out and dump her in the middle of nowhere in a desert. There, she meets John...


1. Alone

                                I wake up and it’s pitch black and extremly muggy in here. I sigh and it echoes all around the room. This is a living nightmare! I’ve been here for roughly a year now! I turn on the flashlight and look at the calendar. It’s January 16, 2063. I was asleep for three straight days. “Ugh” I think as I pass out.

                 As I awaken again, I look around and I see a bright light shooting a little ways, and then disappearing. I reach for it, but disappointed. It’s too distant. Wait, I recognize that! It’s a thing called a shooting star! I read about them when I was a little girl. I saw additional stars. I saw the boarded up window wasn’t all the way boarded up. I hear the sound of a heavy door slam in the distance. I close my eyes and let my head fall, and act asleep.

                The footsteps, I hear them loud and clear, coming closer. I hear the heavy, metal, door slide open as the light pours in. I feel the automatic relief as I am relived of my chains. “Get out.” Commands a gruff voice. I couln't see him, but he did me from my heavy chains. Was he really letting me free? “Get in the car!” he barks while shoving me out the door. He opens the vehicle's silvery door and shovs me in. There is a clear glass, “door” separating us. Now I could get a good look at him. He was tan, had the traditional navy cut, wore all black, and had on dark shades.He has dark brown hair. He almost hits a muddy girl who's about my age, but instead her splashes her with murky water in a pothole. She has short auburn (or what use to be) madded curls. We drove for a very long time and I guess I fell asleep because I wake up to the vehicle screeching to a stop. I look out the tinted window; we are in the middle of nowhere! I turned my head to the other window and I see a boy standing there in dark colors. “GET OUT!” the man screeches. Its dark and dusty, here we go again. Tenderly, I get out. My dark, red hair whips around in the dusty wind. He throws my bag of the little belongings I have onto the cold hard ground.“You’ll be staying here for a long, long time,” he evilly said and smiles” we’ll come back if you’re alive”

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