Me and My Life

Hi , I am Amy , I love everything but the thing I love most of all is my babyboy Alex.

My life has been a reckless Hell! I am 16 yeah thats right 16 with a child and guess what i am pregnant !

My life : what a mess !



3. The father

Alex's father is James , I mentionted him earlier . He was such a nice lad when I met him . He was my perfect match . My missing puzzle piece , well thats what i thought , it turns out he does love me and that i was the best thing that ever happend to him but he was inlove with this other girl , Chloe . Chloe Praim-Singh -Nicole-Carter . I am not obbsseive by the way! Chole is a well nice girl and she lives with her brother Zach. Oh ow lucky is she , i wouldlove a boyfriend but no-one want to go out with a used little girl with 1 kid and a unborn baby do they ?  But to be honest i would rather Alex hen anyother boy in the world !

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