Me and My Life

Hi , I am Amy , I love everything but the thing I love most of all is my babyboy Alex.

My life has been a reckless Hell! I am 16 yeah thats right 16 with a child and guess what i am pregnant !

My life : what a mess !



5. Liam

Liam is my brother , he still lives with my parents he is 21 and in a relasionship with a girl since he was 16. Charlotte Bell. She is nice , but here in Florida you only find the right person once. On the back of my diary you might of seen Y.O.L.O that doesnt mean You Only Live Once , for me it means You Only Love Once © . James was my only love stupid Chloe ! Alex needs a real family not this every week traveling into LA then back to Florida . Liam and Charlotte have 1 kid her name is Annabella she is adorable . An auntie and a mom , wow time flys huh? My life needs help and I think its time I went to see Katlin . 

The Therapist 

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