Me and My Life

Hi , I am Amy , I love everything but the thing I love most of all is my babyboy Alex.

My life has been a reckless Hell! I am 16 yeah thats right 16 with a child and guess what i am pregnant !

My life : what a mess !



9. Katlin The Therapist


'Hello , My name is Amy Maurice and I would like to make an appointment with Katlin Mala .'

Okay When ?' 


'Sorry , but today Mrs Mala is fully booked '

'But,she is my therapist'

'Look, Mrs Maurice Lots of people have lots of different problems ! Not Just you!'

'Well , mine is worse!'

'Excuse me ,Mrs Maurice but how?'

"Well lets see... I am 16 with 1 kid and 2 unborn twins with the same gather but he wont even tell me if he wants to see the soto sum it up:I am living on my jack in a florida flat being a single pringle! 

"O, wow okay umm hey how about 2:30 today?

Great Thanks 

By the way no kids in the surgey.

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