Me and My Life

Hi , I am Amy , I love everything but the thing I love most of all is my babyboy Alex.

My life has been a reckless Hell! I am 16 yeah thats right 16 with a child and guess what i am pregnant !

My life : what a mess !



10. James Tells Me

Monday , James told me he wanted to be involed with the twins. Phew . So he came round today with Chloe (As Always!) and we chose names for the babies . We have Ella and Sam.Just in case there were boys we chose : Jude and James chose Sam again.Chloe was well mad because she didnt want Ella to be the name if the baby is a girl! "Chloe Chloe , calm down!" James took her into the other room , and James came back with a very happy and calm Chloe . James told me that he brought a house down here in Orlando so that, Me , Alex , The Twins , James and Chloe could all live together , Yay!


Tonight after dinner at our new house I put Alex to bed. He doesnt always like sleeping on his own so when I wemt to check on him tonight he was soundo! Ha , bless his soul! I hopped into bed and was just about to get to sleep when James walks in kisses mw on the lips and said "I love you.." I jumped out of bed " James ! how could you?" He shrugged . "Your with Chloe..." He smiled ai was just about to shout at him again when Chloe walked in at said drowsily "get back to bed Babe!" the she walked out motionless kinda like a zombie .... then James kissed me and said "I mean it." *Gulp Gulp Gulp...*

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