Me and My Life

Hi , I am Amy , I love everything but the thing I love most of all is my babyboy Alex.

My life has been a reckless Hell! I am 16 yeah thats right 16 with a child and guess what i am pregnant !

My life : what a mess !



2. B.A (before Alex)

In high school i was the smartest kid in class ! I loved math , english,geography,geomatry .Everything i had loads and loads of friends but my one friend well i guess my Best Friend was Hayley Deumy . Oh she was beutiful,probbally the best friend a girl could have so smart, so kind . She would do anything thing for you, except stay your friend if you got pregnant! Anyway everynight when i got home *DING DONG* oh hold on Alex is back. 

Okay so anyway I would write a poem a diary anything at all! My parents would put me to bed at a reasnonoble hour maybe around 10-10:30 so not to early not to late . then at the age of 16 they fianlly caved at let me have my freedem ! Well i bet they didn't cause thats how this bundle of joy happend ! So anyway the father , Oh Alex needs changing . Bye! 

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