Adopted by One direction

One direction adopt a ten year old girl


6. Red

I was thinking of my hair

I really hated the color of it

I really like it red

ZBOYS I yelled they ran up

Can we go to the store I said

For what louis asked

For red hair die I said

They all looked confused

I grabbed some of my hair

Ohhhh they all said in union

We got the dye Harry asked if he could 

I said sure

When we finished I looked awsome and walked down stairs all the boys whistled

I was as red as a tomtate

Hey!now ur face matches ur hair Louis said

I got my iPhone and took a picture and sent it tod Dylan 

And his response broke my heart

He wrote

'im breaking up with u'


'i only date blondes'

I threw my phone down the stairs and ran to my room and cried

Harry came in with my phone luckily it was still ok

Im sooo sorry harry said

I don't really care anymore I said

I kissed Harry on the cheek

And ran out

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