Adopted by One direction

One direction adopt a ten year old girl


21. No more talking

For the past couple of days

I haven't talked to Darcy 

Or the boys

Just my Albreto 

So today I was just in my room

Watching Harry styles and Taylor swift problems

Then Harry comes in 

I shut my laptop

So he doesnt see what I'm watching

"what were you watching?"Harry asked

"nothing"I said

He opened my laptop

I startied laughing

He was laughing to

Albreto was just clapping his hands

I grabbed Al and went downstairs

I grabbed a banana 

Land some baby food

And a spoon

And went upstairs

Then someone knocked on the front door

ILL GET IT! I yelled

It was Dylan yippie

Note the sarcasm

What do you want Dylan 

Hey Darcy 

Im not Darcy 

Oh hi Dylan can I speak to you

No!cant you see I have to feed this baby

Its not yours tho

But I take care of it like its mine

I closed the door and locked myself and Albreto in our room

The boys wanted

Me to talk to Darcy again

But this time they couldn't open the door

I took Louis key


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