Adopted by One direction

One direction adopt a ten year old girl



I woke up in my bedroom

I was still sleepy so I went back to sleep iwas awakening by Louis jumping on my bed

You have three seconds to stop jumping on my bed isaid

3....2....1 UR DEAD TOMLINSON I chased him around the house and almost got him when Zayn threw me over his shoulder

I started kicking LET ME DOWN MALIK

i yelled

He let me down but not on the ground he threw me in the pool

I swam up and got out and ran into my room and locked it

And took a shower and changed into my light blue dress ad flats if they ruin this dress they are dead

I did my make up I know I'm ten but I still use make up

Grabed my iPhone and ran down stairs

I asked Louis if we can get ice cream he said yeah

We went and got as ice cream my phone started ringing Louis grabbed it and that was a big mistake it was my friend named Dylan and he is a boy and kinda like him  

Louis give me back my phone I grabbed my phone and anwsered it 

Hi Dylan I yelled into my phone

Hi Dylan he said

All the. Oys started saying 'ohhhhh'

God how much I love them.

Well Dylan called and said if we could hang out I said of course

I guess the boys herd the whole convo cause they started saying Dylan's got a date

Is it a date?

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