Adopted by One direction

One direction adopt a ten year old girl


4. Getting ready

When we got home I went to get ready I grabbed some shorts and a tank top and threw it on I got my converse and put the on

I put my hair in a side bun and waited for Dylan to come

He came at 1ish we went outside and play football

 I fell in his arms and when I got up we were about to kiss but all the boys started knocking on the window

Makeing kissing faces at us then Dylan I hated the boys right now

They knocked on my door I didnt anwser

They opens it anyways

I was just drawing something random

They all said sorry I didn't anwser at all

I just kept drawing

Until Louis grabbed my pencil and threw it outside the window that was my lucky pencil

Im soo crazy I jumped out the window to get forgetting that there was a door

I grabbed it and went inside back to my room the boys stared at me like I was insane I just kept drawing

With a different pencil 

Then Louis I grabbed my pencil and snapped it in half 

Really Louis I said


Were sorry they all said in union

Its k

Group hug Louis yelled I ram out of the room before I got squashed I ran downstairs  and turned on the telly

It was a onedirectioninterview 

So who is this little girl the interviewer said and a picture of me and the boys came up its when I jumped on

Louis back at the fair they all said that they adopted me

Then all of a sudden bright lights flashed in the room

Uh oh the papparazzie

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