Adopted by One direction

One direction adopt a ten year old girl


20. All my fault

Darcy POV 

I didn't know what was happening

Then Louis comes up to me and says

How could you do that to your own sister


you kissed her ex boyfriend

OMG!i didn't even know that was her ex boyfriend

I ran home


And knocked on her door

Who is it she yelled her voice cracky

Darcy I said

Ummmm....Dylan is not here at the moment please leave a message after the song LALALALALALA

ummmm.....well I wanted to tell her that I'm very sorry and that I didnt know that was her boyfriend

Then she sled a note under the door it said

You will never be forgiven

What how does make that fair


Its not supposed to.oh and tell the boys not to worry about me that me and Albreto well be staying in this room

The boys were there and heard what she said

Lou got out his keys

And unlocked the door

She wasnt in there nether was Al

Then we heard sobs from the bathroom 

She locked the bathroom door

Swettie open the door Liam said

Is Darcy with you guys

No Louis said

She opened the door

And closed

Well tried to

Louis grabbed one of Albreto's toys and put it by the door so she couldn't close it 

What do you want she said

Sorry I said

Sorry don't cut it! She yelled

Then she went in to the bathtub and held Al close to her

I can't belive she said that

Louis picked her and Albreto out of the bathtub

They went downstairs

And told Dylan to sleep Albreto 

So we can talk

She slept Albreto 

But refused to talk to me

So I had to put on a costume

So she would talk

She took one look at me and my costume and said

Hi!my name is dylan my family thinks I'm so stuipd I can't tell that your my sister she said in a preppy voice

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